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Have you ever wondered what your customers/clients/patients really think of you?

Not what they tell you in person, but what they say among themselves or to their friends?

Well, there is one easy way to find out.

Ask them! Read More

First of all, you should be sending out a newsletter to all of your clients/customers/patients and any other people you want to hit repeatedly. We send you a newsletter to keep a relationship going, and we give you insightful information. You benefit, and eventually, we get more business and recommendations from you.

That secret not only applies to you, but your clients/customers/patients, as well. They need to get regular communication from you to keep learning why they should start or continue to do business with you. Read More

One of the most nauseating and sickening things for business professionals to think about is using the telephone for marketing.

Most of us have been taught the horrible techniques of cold marketing and saying, “I was wondering if you might be interested in a great, new…on the latest model…? “Or other similar incredibly awful technique.

The rejection, pain, embarrassment and nausea is more than most people can bear. And rightfully so! Read More

I’m not going to argue this point, but I do have to mention it.

A lot of people like to complain. They like to find blame outside of themselves.

It’s always another excuse why they’re not making any money. It’s the economy, or high interest rates, or stupid manufacturers holding things up, or…you name it. Read More

If you don’t have an offer people can’t refuse, they won’t respond.

Be creative and give them an additional reason.

Use FREE reports, or audios, or whatever.

Offer Client/Customer/Patient Dinners or raffles.

Offer guarantees, if you can.

Offer people something…anything… Read More

Copy is what sells. Forget about it being too long.

Details and mental picture are all important to the prospect who is interested.

Never worry about writing for the prospect who isn’t interested. Write only for the ones who are! Read More

I won’t spend too much time on this mistake because we’ve covered it so much already.

But, it’s such a huge mistake that I have to repeat it here in this “Biggest Mistakes” section.

You must quit thinking inside a narrow box.

You don’t have a choice! Read More

Your USP is not supposed to be a sales pitch. It’s not supposed to sound like you’re selling somebody something. It’s supposed to sound and create the impression that you have an offer that’s irresistible.

It’s very different, and it creates a situation where the people feel very comfortable in following through and coming to do business with you. When you are talking to people, are you swearing that you’re not going to try to sell them anything? When you’re following up with your leads, are you swearing that you are going to interview them and not try to shove anything down their throat? Read More