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A great way to improve the results of your prospecting is to use CD’s and DVD’s.

Lets discuss what we mean by using CD’s and DVD’s, and then give you some specific applications.

CD’s and DVD’s can be implemented for any of the following things: Read More

How would you like to be on a radio talk show, being asked all kinds of questions to let the listeners know how smart you are?

How would you like it if you didn’t have to pay for it?

Does this sound interesting? Read More

Do you think you’d be interested in learning how to get all kinds of ads, sometimes even full page ads, for as little as 15 cents each?

Would you find it useful to your business to have reporters calling you, interviewing you, and telling everybody where they can call you to get free information? Read More

(By the way, when we recommend things like cost-sharing, we’re only making a suggestion, not providing legal advice. Anytime you enter a new area, you should have an attorney review your ideas to make sure they don’t violate any local or federal laws or code of ethics!)

In the last secret, we talked about working with outside professionals as your best weapon for low/no cost marketing. Here, we’re going to briefly review different ways you can work with outside professionals to pay for some, or all, of your advertising. Read More

I wanted to start off talking about a subject that I still think is one of the best ways to make money, at the least, if not at no, cost…yet is overlooked or passed up by most of our members.

What am I talking about? How about: Read More

You have to do this! It’s something no one else does, and it really adds that element of giving people more than they ask for or expect.

A New Client/Customer/Patient Kit would obviously be given to each new client/customer/patient based on whatever criteria you use to accept them. I’ll tell you how to do it, as an example. Then, you can get the idea of how to do it for yourself. Read More

Yes, you have to have a system of getting recommendations. If you have not been getting all the recommendations you should be getting, then it is probably caused by using a system that is no system at all.

Do you know what a system is? It is any group of related activities that occur sequentially, and which have a predetermined set of actions to take, all leading to a goal. In other words, it is a planned series of steps that are adhered to and worked repeatedly. Read More

Some people are terrible at getting recommendations.

So, there is one thing I want to impress on you, right now, from the beginning:



As you know, we talk a lot about recommendations in this book. Read More