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This is the hardest sin for us to get you guys to stop doing…

Trying to avoid becoming an expert in marketing… It says you don’t want it bad enough.

Avoiding laziness isn’t a penalty. Read More

What is the “Keeping Your Hands Busy” syndrome?

It is the act of moving papers around, reading important newspapers or magazines to stay educated, talking to your associates about some other company or office, etc. In other words, it is the illusion of being busy all day and not getting anything done that will make you money!

I went to help an office that was doing badly. It was owned by two men who were realtors wondering why they weren’t making any money. They hired me to figure it out. Read More

Although relatively few business people do these, I still think that seminars are one of the greatest marketing tools ever invented.

I mean, let’s face it, where else are you going to get a chance to talk to 30, 40, 50 or 60 people or more at one time? How else can you explain what you do to a bunch of people, have an opportunity for them to listen to what you do and become curious or interested in it?

And, how else can you do this, in many instances, at low or no cost??? Read More

As you have seen from many different marketing angles, you should have at least one original book or report that you have authored.

Now this secret can truly work for every business. If you’re in the retail business you can do a book or special report on how to buy products. If you’re in the service business, you can write on how to select a service professional. If you’re in the restaurant business, you can write on “How To Select A Good Restaurant” or “How To Get The Most Out Of Your Dining Experience”. And the list goes on and on. Read More

The very misunderstood and underutilised technique is that of using photographs.

Let me give you an example of how this works in one profession:

One of the most successful car salesmen in Sydney has the same kind of a little office that all car salesmen have. (You know that cubicle where you walk in and they have the metal chair and the two crappy chairs there from some garage sale on the other side, and the desk is clean except for a calculator, a pad of paper and a photo of the guy’s wife and kids. You’ve all been in that room, haven’t you?) Read More

Some things I talk about are big, like being happy and proud to be in sales.

Other things aren’t quite so big, but they can still make a difference in your business.

This section is about what is on your walls.  Read More

This is a very simple thing to do, but it can be very effective for client/customer/patient education.

As you collect materials for your reading, listening, and watching, establish a lending library for your client/customer/patients.

When you go out to see them, or they come in to see you, and you discuss a particular topic, lend them reference material on that subject. Read More

Want a sure fire way to create the “Knockout Experience?”

Want to have your clients/customers/patients autumn over with positive shock?

If you’re in a business in which you first initially meet new clients, after your first meeting with somebody where you’ve gone through a “counselling” meeting, you’’ probably come to some sort of decision on what action the person will be taking next. You’ll also probably have found out about their life and one or more problems they’re facing. Read More

I’ll bet that not even .1% of business professionals or owners do either of these things. They are so simple and inexpensive, yet they bring in referrals and new people like crazy!

Client/Customer/Patient Appreciation Day is a day for your people to come to the office, or another place, and have their friends, relatives, and other acquaintances join them.

Is this a dream? No, it’s just good business sense! Read More

Would you like to have your clients/customers/patients physically bring referrals to you?

Would you like to have this big splash that cost you exactly zero?

Would you like your clients/customers/patients and prospects to be really impressed?

I knew you would. Read More