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How would you answer these questions?

  • Given all of the other alternatives, why should I hire YOU???
  • Why should I do business with YOU instead of someone else?
  • Why should I work with YOU when I’m ready to buy?
  • What’s different about YOU?
  • What’s better about YOU?

Is all you can come up with something meaningless like: quality, trust, dependability, and service??? Read More

I have just finished looking through another stack of personal brochures filled with words that have been promised so many times, by so many business people, that they no longer have any meaning.  Read More

This is the biggest and most deadly mistake of all.

As I write this, I am literally looking at hundreds of business cards, flyers, and marketing brochures from business across the country.  The time and money invested in these things easily runs into thousands of dollars.  But, so many of them look alike and say the same things. Read More

Now that we’ve established that the emotional, editorial-style of advertising has been proven far superior than regular, “professional” advertising, we now have to look at how you measure the success or lack of success of doing emotional marketing.

See, one of the things that’s kind of hard for people to get use to is the fact that they get any return on their advertising dollars at all. Read More

Yes, you read right.  It’s a proven advertising fact.  News-style advertising gets up to 500% greater response than colour brochures, business cards, flyers and all other forms of product or image advertising.  Do you know why?

News-style advertising doesn’t look like advertising! It looks like news.

Very few people read advertising… but a lot of people read news and other stories.

It is a fact that the newspaper industry has known for over 100 years!
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Pardon me!

But, I’ve gotta get something cleared up here.




THE CRAZIEST MYTH …is the suggestion that “good advertising” should have pretty pictures, slogans, plenty of white space … and sound like this: “We are ABC Computer Services promise to provide you with the highest quality service … “ NOT!

If you ever find the people who started this kind of advertising … shoot them!

Every year, hundreds of millions of dollars are wasted by businesses on colourful and expensive advertisements and brochures.  Most are filled with clever slogans, promises of quality, integrity and service, with the same old grocery list of features that everybody else offers.

Is it any wonder why most advertising doesn’t get any decent responses???

It all looks so much alike!

Please … Do Not Get Offended By This.

Every week I get business cards, brochures, websites etc. from businesses all across the country.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that the time and cost of preparing this kind of “image advertising” is not cheap.  In my conversations, I hear price quotes ranging from several hundred to tens of thousands of dollars to get full-colour personal marketing brochures done!

The problem?

You could change the names and pictures and nobody would know the difference between most brochures!

The same is true of business cards.

The same is true of social media ads.

Do you see the point here?

Because, if everybody’s marketing tools say similar things or use similar photos, there is nothing different about you … why people should respond and hire you over your competitors in your field?

The purpose here is To Help You – Not To Criticize.
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Take another look at your marketing.

Would you drop whatever you were if you received or saw any of your materials?  Is there any reason or incentive to act at all, let alone NOW! Read More

Do you hate to cold call for new business?  GREAT! You’re not alone.

Most business professionals hate prospecting.

They find it difficult and distasteful.  And, frankly, the traditional ways we’ve been taught not only make it unpleasant, but often times, they waste time and money, as well. Read More

As a businessperson providing goods and services, there are only three reasons for clients/customers/patients to do business with you:

  1. To help identify or clarify their need for your product or service (so they’ll buy);
  2. To become more knowledgeable about your offering (so they’ll be clients/customers/patients who return again);
  3. To feel inspired by your service (so they’ll refer others to you).

That’s it.  Period. Read More

Have you ever asked others in your field what the response rates are to their advertising dollar?

If so, I can guess a common answer.

How about, “I have no idea, most of my business comes from referrals and recommendations”?  (More on that later).

Now, if you’ve been listening carefully to what I’ve said up to now, you realise what’s most important to your success is: Read More