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We established Your Marketing Machines in 2015 after working for a large marketing solutions company based in Australia. The strategies being implemented were Out Of This World, where businesses were achieving 1000% increase in qualified generated leads, and sales turnover reaching just as high increases. Business was booming!

However, what we also saw, were businesses not fully equipped to handle the massive increase in generated leads, sending their operations into a tail spin. Their solution – switch off their marketing until they had dealt with the new business.

What we realised is that for marketing to succeed long term, solutions need to be unique to the client, holistic in approach and sustainable in management. Without it, you would experience the peaks and troughs of failure and success.

We love what we do

With over 40 years combine experience in marketing, sales, strategic management, closing businesses and starting new ones, we know what we love! In our arena we want to develop unique marketing solutions which are a best fit for your business, not the other way around. We don’t want to fit you into that proverbial box. Instead we believe you should create your own box to play in rather than compete with everyone else!

Industry foresight

Business is a game we love to play. A big part of the game is understanding how to stay ahead. Because of our strategic business background our Unique Solutions are based upon business statistical data rather than the latest fad. You see, we are business owners ourselves and work in a highly competitive industry, so we understand the importance of reading our industry – what’s working, what isn’t and adapt to these changes.

Australian Based – Global Connection

Business can be anywhere you want it to be. Whether in your regional area or working in multiple countries, our experience has been globally gained. From New Zealand to the US and Canada, we have experienced many different strategies suited to specific locations, cultures and ethnicities. Because of this experience we love the idea of growing your business beyond where it is now and move with confidence, towards what your business could be.

Light Bulb Moments

“If you want the truth, then speak to these guys. You may not like what they say, but it will be the truth”

This is how we are described by many of our clients. They know we won’t sugar coat it, make it sound prettier than it is. And it is for a very simple reason, I have seen businesses be given the ‘best deal’ only for it to fail fast. We prefer to be real, discuss openly and honestly, give you the facts so you can confidently move forward.

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