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Would you agree that people are sceptical of any salesperson, business owner or professional?

And, would you agree that this scepticism is part of the marketing problems we all face? Read More

Selling any product or service is a process.

If you’re not continually growing and learning…you’re slowly dying.

If you’re unwilling to grow, learn, change or act, the world will pass you by.  The same is true of marketing.  Marketing is a process. It is the Life Force of your business. Read More

This next secret is one of the most powerful and important things you are going to learn – either in your present profession or in any other field.  This is one secret that most direct marketers, or any kind of marketers for that matter, fail to grasp, understand, and certainly fail to utilise.

This is a secret, that, one I learned it and began using its power…transformed some mediocre or modest success into great and profitable, successes! Read More

The best purpose of advertising is to get people to respond.  To make your phone ring.  To have clients/customers/patients to drop by.  To have qualified clients/customers/patients to respond to do business with you!  Read More

I presume you have been wondering about the free reports??

If you haven’t please check and make sure you’re still breathing.  You may be dead…and not know it!

Just a little joke, folks…I just wanted to make sure you’re still alert and awake! Read More

Another small point?


Old advertising habits are hard to break.

Picture this…

Let’s say you run a little home client ad in one of your local newspapers.

Now, let’s say an interested caller dials your 1-800 message line, and the first thing they hear is something like this: Read More

We want to talk about the powerful use of a 1-800#…a marketing technique I’ve been using and teaching for years, that has made people very happy!

What am I talking about? Read More

One of the things that we teach people to do, that seems to work over and over and sounds kind of simple and kind of stupid.  It’s also one thing we have trouble convincing people to consider.  What am I talking about?

Using 1-800#s!

I’m going to explain the idea and rationale behind 1-800#s and why you could use them, both for all of your marketing and for having clients and customers call personally. Read More

I want to briefly mention here that we often get resistance from clients for using things like these electronic Voice Mailboxes and other high tech tools.

I know that to some people, these things seem a little bit mysterious or possibly a little bit scary.  Other people think that they’re very expensive and that you can make do with other things that will be just as good, except be cheaper.

All I can tell you is that all those thoughts are wrong. Read More

One of the best kept Secrets in advertising is how to get better rates than what the publications tell you is available!

See, they’ll all quote you the rate card numbers, which are, supposedly, their “regular” rates for advertisers.  They’ll tell you how much different size ads cost, sometimes offering you a discount if you agree to do multiple runs of the ad.  Read More