Advertising Mistake #1 

Not Advertising At All

You may have market research, a marketing plan, or various types of advertising, etc.  

But do these actually... you know... do anything? 

Take another look at your marketing.

How many points of the proven 'Your Marketing Machines Advertising Formula' does your stuff hit,
in the scorecard below?

They don’t hit too many, do they?

In fact they probably miss all the five points of getting people to respond -
(I’ll bet it’s true, without even seeing them!).

Now, if you make an offer but you don’t give people a reason to take action, it still won’t be successful advertising.

For example, if you are a professional with a local market, and you offered a “consultation”
as your free offer at the end of an ad, no one has any specific reason for wanting to respond to you.


Your Marketing Machines' Advertising Formula

Every business person in town is going to offer a consultation

That’s why we think the free report concept has worked so well over the years.

Since, the information we provide gives people a reason to take action now. 

To have people respond to you as we discussed earlier – that doesn’t give them a reason to respond now.

You’re not offering them anything that stimulates them to move off their butts, and do something about it right now!   

If somebody is interested, they will want to take action right NOW 

They won’t want to wait…because buying a computer, home, car, etc. is something they are very motivated to do.

If you don’t give them a reason to do something right now – especially with the free reports and information, you’re not going to get near the kind of responses that you could, and should be getting with your marketing.

Everyone needs a good reason to get up off the couch and respond. 

Make sure you give them one!

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