Advertising Mistake #3 – Having Nothing New, Different Or Better To Offer!

How would you answer these questions?

  • Given all of the other alternatives, why should I hire YOU???
  • Why should I do business with YOU instead of someone else?
  • Why should I work with YOU when I’m ready to buy?
  • What’s different about YOU?
  • What’s better about YOU?

Is all you can come up with something meaningless like: quality, trust, dependability, and service???

Come on … can you tell me one compelling reason why I should buy your product or use your services?  Can you demonstrate it to me?

Look at the proven advertising formula in action below:

  1. Get Attention!
  2. Arouse interest and emotions
  3. Tell an interesting story in a believable way
  4. Offer an incentive to take action …NOW.
  5. Ask for action, and make it easy for people to do it

When you look at your advertising, do you really think that you’re getting attention?


Are you really arousing interest and emotions?

Are you telling an interesting story in a believable way?

Are you really offering an incentive or some emotional curiosity for people to take action now?

Are you making it easy for people to do it?

Look through your advertising.

Are there phrases like “Personalised Service” or “Best Tasting” or “Number One”?  Things like that?  Do you talk about yourself in your advertising, saying things like, “We Care”?

If you do, you must understand that none of these lines produce any of the five steps necessary to get people to respond to your marketing and advertising.

Now, look at your advertising again.  Can you see if you are offering information that prospective clients/customers/patients would certainly be curious about?

The key is offering information.  Not your pitch for your excellence.  That’s not what prospects want.

They just want to know:

How To Keep As Much Of Their Money As Possible… And Still Get The Best Product Or Service!

Right?  Doesn’t this information presented in this way have a great chance to raise the curiosity of a client/customer/patient? (No, it won’t get the attention of someone who isn’t interested in your offerings but who wants to waste time with them anyway?)

What it will do is provide you with something NEW.  Something DIFFERENT.  Something that will make people want to contact YOU instead of all your former competitors!

So as you keep thinking about this, remember, don’t spend any money on advertising or marketing unless, you have something to offer that’s of interest, and unless you expect it will get direct and immediate responses.  And stop offering the same old boring stuff that everyone else offers.

Start offering information people want, and you’ll be the NEW presence in their lives!

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