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Advertising Mistake #4

Boring Advertisements!

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Let's think for a moment. What appeals to our human nature? We all like to smile, to laugh,
to have happiness in our lives! 

Providing products and services is a people business. Now, imagine combining humour
with attention-grabbing messages that will make your phone ring,
or people show up at your door! 

You see, it's not just lead generation we’re talking about.  

Advertising that works needs to create interest

You have to think outside of the box.

For example, we get people sending in things for us to review.
If they’re in financial services, they send us a brochure that says things like,

“Planning retirement: We here at XXXX of the XXXX believe that
planning for retirement is one of the critical objectives in securing your future.
There are many different ways to meet future financial needs…"  
blah, blah, blah, blah …

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This sounds too professional, and so boring that even if anybody was
the slightest bit interested, you’d lose them right in the beginning.

Now, you have to honestly ask yourself.
Is the stuff that you are advertising with boring?

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One of the biggest mistakes professionals make is thinking that what’s interesting
to them is what’s interesting to a potential or actual client. 

Think about this carefully.
Is your marketing interesting to you and your peers? 

Do you talk about all the features and technical details of your products, or services –
things that would be interesting only to another person in your field?

Or, do you talk about the benefits of what you can do? and,
What those benefits mean to people?

Keep in mind that people only care about what’s in it for them. People are only concerned
with themselves and their own problems. They couldn’t care less about what you think is interesting.

Carl Galletti, an outstanding direct marketing copywriter, says that people
are only tuned into one station, WIIFM:

What’s In It For Me?”

Yes, just like you, others are only interested in learning what’s in it for them.
We have to accept the fact that this selfishness must be the centre of all your marketing.

You only have a couple of seconds to get their attention. 

If you have some message that might potentially interest people, they may stop
for another couple of seconds. Maybe. However, if you just get their attention and then
bore them you lose them, just like that!

Your message has to get, and keep, people’s interest for the entire message.

Copywriter Guru Dan Kennedy, states that infomercials are the toughest media around.

Imagine how you would do if your potential clients sat in front of you
with a remote control in their hands. Imagine the pressure you’d be under, knowing that
if you bore them for even a few seconds, they will point and click at you…ZAP…you’re gone!

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Well, here's a secret... you’d better think about it, because your marketing does face that same sort of pressure.

If your prospective clients get bored, they won’t click you off, they’ll just dump
the piece in the trash, or turn the page. 

Remember, boring marketing is ignored marketing!

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