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Advertising Mistake #5

Failure To Tell A Complete Story In Your

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How often have you ever head this one before? 

“Keep your business letters to one page, or people won’t read them”.

I’ve got news for you. Believing this is one of the biggest mistakes you could ever make.

Why? Because it assumes that people will respond to short marketing copy as opposed
to complete marketing copy!

Let me ask you a question. Do you remember what it was that got you interested enough
to become a member of a program?

I’ll refresh your memory in case you don’t recall.

You probably saw a long ad. The copy intensive ad prompted you to respond.

The reason we have hundreds of new members join us each month is that we have told our
entire story in the ads and sales reports. Not just a condensed explanation, but the whole story.

Asking you to invest several hundred dollars is no easy task. 

You’ve never met or seen us.  You haven’t attended a seminar where you got to hear us. 
We’ve never talked until you got all of our materials.

Yet, you were willing to give us a shot and sign up.

That’s pretty effective marketing, wouldn’t you say?

And wouldn’t you like to have your prospective clients/customers/patients
make the same commitment to you…the one you have to us?

They will, if you take the time to tell the whole story.

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Just like you, your prospective clients/customers/patients want to know what’s going on. 
They want to understand why they should hire you as opposed to other choices they have,
including doing nothing.

Just like you, they want to know everything they can before making a decision.

Just think. You wouldn’t be reading this…if you hadn’t read that letter first.
And, you may recall that business sales letter was very long.

In fact it was probably one of the longest letters you’ve ever seen or read.
And I’ll bet you read most, if not all, of it.

You may have enjoyed reading it. You may not have. That isn’t important.

What’s important is, it hit home.  It got you to respond to me.  And, you’re here, which is even more important!

Now, answer honestly…

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Do you think we would be discussing this today if I’d sent you a one page letter?

Do you think you would have invested a sizable sum of money from a one page letter,
or some superficial brochure? Answer honestly…

I rest my case.

Now, consider this. Do you really think that someone who is going to spend some money
on your product or service is going to connect with you because you told
some “bragging” information in a short piece?

No Way!

For example, let’s say you were thinking about selling your legal practice for whatever reason. 
And, let’s say that your accountant said it’s worth a lot of money. You may be ready to sell to the first client, but you’re looking for other professionals to market to.

Now, I come along and send you a letter that says something like this:

“Mr/Mrs Jones: It’s recently come to my attention that you are going to sell your practice. Our firm, Legal Partners, has over 35 combined years of experience in assisting attorneys who want to sell their valuable business.

As you know, selling a practice is something that needs professional attention.
Trying to do it on your own can be too difficult a task. And, even a lawyer who owns
a practice needs to have it appraised.

We at Legal Partners are professionals who are up to this job. We will analyse the value of your practice and help you market it with the highest levels of integrity,
trust and service.

Our dedication to getting you the highest price is our pledge to you. We sold 34 private practices in Northwestern Illinois last year alone. We are the largest legal service sales company in Chicago. Now that you know how great we are and why you’d be foolish not to hire us, please call us at your earliest convenience to set up
an appointment. Sincerely, …”

Now, doesn’t a letter like that get your blood boiling?

Isn’t that short copy so curiosity-provoking that you’d have trouble keeping yourself from
running to the phone to call these guys?

I know that if you received such a letter, you’d probably glance at it and toss
it in the can. 

If you weren’t interested in selling your practice, there’s a 99.99% chance
you’d chuck the letter. 

An attempt to convince you that every lawyer needs to have their business appraised is lame and totally uninteresting to you.

They could not “convince” you to become interested when you don’t have a need. Right?

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If you were interested in selling your practice, this letter is still likely to be tomorrow’s trash,
because it doesn’t tell you anything about what Legal Partners does, how they do it,
how much it costs … and most important, it doesn’t tell you any of the benefits of using their service. 

All it talks about is how big an idiot you’d be not to use them, and how great they are.
Since you don’t care about any of that, you’re not likely to be moved to further action.

Just about every type of business category uses similar techniques. Mostly everyone is relying on the same basic premise that prospects would be idiots not to buy whatever it is you sell…that you are the greatest and so forth.

Are you starting to get the picture why that sort of marketing simply cannot work?

Anyway, please don’t ever forget what I’m about to tell you.

In advertising, it is a proven fact that:

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The More You Tell, The More You Sell!

As long as you have something worthwhile to say or sell...

The old adage “Keep It Short And Sweet” Is Pure Folly!

See, if you keep things shorty and sweet in your copy, you may not tell enough of a story to generate curiosity.  And, if you don’t generate curiosity, you won’t get enough responses. 

People are interested in stories that mean something to them and raise their curiosity. 
If you don’t tell a complete story, you have less chance of getting them to respond.

But you can’t create interest where none exists either.  Using short copy with the hope of creating interest where none exists does not work! For years, too many industries have operated on the wasteful and just plain incorrect notion that a short piece will convince uninterested people to somehow become interested.

As you’ll be learning, you should always be marketing to people who are interested and making sure that they’re the ones responding.  Therefore, you always want to tell a story to people who are already interested and basically ignore the ones who aren’t – because they are not going to become your clients/customers/patients anyway.

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