Marketing Secret #5

If You Hate Cold Prospecting, Create Advertising That Compels People To Respond To You

Do you hate to cold call for new business? GREAT! You’re not alone.

Most business professionals hate prospecting. They find it difficult and distasteful. 
And, frankly, the traditional ways we’ve been taught not only make it unpleasant,
but often times, they waste time and money, as well.

You know what I mean!

  • Running “slogan happy” ads that look and sound like everyone else’s.
  • Mailing logo-imprinted magnets, pens, pumpkin seeds, sports cards, and calendars.
  • Printing your photograph on business cards, banners, stationary, notepads, and posters.

Do I hear a collective groan, “There must be a better way …”

Good News: There is!

The secret is creating low-cost advertising that compels clients/customers/patients
to come to you instead!

Using a simple system of direct mail letters, eDm’s (electronic Direct mail), social media,
postcards and low-cost newspaper ads, as well as cable TV and radio spots –
all of which I’ll show you shortly – you can get qualified clients/customers/patients
to call you, or stop buy your place of business every month.

That’s right. You won’t have to call prospects or clients/customers/patients. They will come to you!
Why? Because your marketing efforts will do the two things that marketing’s supposed to do:

  1. Get the attention of your prospects, and
  2. Make them curious enough to respond!

Does your current advertising do this? Are you messages exciting to read?
What do your business cards, marketing letters and brochures look like?
Are you saying or doing anything unique?

In business, we have heard over and over again that people make buying decisions emotionally,
then rationalise their choices intellectually. Yet, most advertising fails to stimulate either way.

It all looks and sounds the same – same approaches, same promises, same predictability.
The only things that change are the jingles, slogans, and logos.

We know too well from Advertising Mistake #2 and Advertising Mistake #3 about promoting
the SAME OLD THING! It is “dead advertising”, and “dead advertising” fails to make people respond.

If you want prospects and clients/customers/patients to come to you, you must spur them into action through emotional appeals.

I’m talking about marketing that prompts people to respond!

Understand, as with any new skill, you must open your mind in order to learn. This is a chance to explore ways that will change your business forever!

You see, a process is taking shape, a kind of “marketing metamorphosis”. 

You’re studying new concepts and materials, and you’re gaining powerful insight and skills.
They’re all presented here so you can practice marketing that really stimulates curiosity and response.

Now, this is not a religious experience. What it is, is an opening of the mind.
You’re learning real marketing, in which psychology comes into play. It’s a “counselling” approach
instead of a “selling” one.

It means seeing the world and your prospects differently.

What happens in emotional advertising is you look at people’s needs.

Your ads, regardless of product and service, are written so people feel you’re turned
into them as individuals.

They’re emotion-based ads, tapping into commonly-held desires for things like acceptance,
independence, status, security and pure personal enjoyment.

These are things people want. Things they feel compelled to respond to.

Emotional marketing won’t worry you sick every morning, wondering where you’ll find a new client/customer/patient today. It won’t keep you awake nights, either, because you’ll know
people who really want your product or service will be responding to you tomorrow.
They’ll be responding to the emotional content of your ads.

You won’t waste time, money and energy on marketing that offers only the prospect of no return. 

You’ll feel relief and excitement knowing you can stimulate curiosity through genuine,
emotional appeals. It’s a great way to make the people respond!

And, the pressure just disappears when you meet with your potential clients/customers/patients. 
You’ll be that rare professional who actually counsels people about their needs and your products and services.

They’ll feel you’re really trying to help them – which you are!
And, if you have a retail business, they will respond to you in droves. They are happy to give
you their money. They are happy to do business with you.

Will you worry if you lose a prospect? Not any more because you will always have more responses! 
For the first time, you can honestly and comfortably say,

“Why don’t you think about what you want to buy, and see me if you change your mind. I’m sure you’ll make the best decision with information I’ve given you about my product or service. If you need something more, I’m here. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have another client/customer/patient to service. Thanks so much for thinking of us”.

When was the last time you let a prospect go like that?
You see, emotional marketing is so powerful, you can be indifferent to “the sale”.

Why? Because attention-getting ads get responses and you’ll be seeing more people than ever.

The type of real emotional direct response marketing works in any field, any business, any service, any profession, business to business, consumer products … anything!

You’ll discover that marketing is marketing is marketing. 

There isn’t a field or business category where we haven’t seen this work.  I don’t care if you sell military equipment or lingerie or anything in between marketing that gets to people’s deep seated emotions, and touches whats in their hearts … gets them to call you.

And if you do what we’re suggesting, you’ll see just how awesome it really is to have
a 100% call in business!

Take Action today and stay in CONTROL of your Marketing!

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