Brand Expansion of Age Up Health

Age Up Health is a new in-home aged care service provider based in Melbourne.  Established based from the experiences of the Founder, the company wants to revolutionise the way aged care services are provided to our vulnerable and at risk. 

This client's brief was simple.  They wanted an online presence which truly reflected their values and made it easy for people to gain confidence.  They had a vision to expand their service offerings across Australia, with Queensland being the next State to move into. 


Using the style guide provided by the client, the new website was re-arranged, allowing for additional functionality as and when needed.  
The website has multiple entry points from newsletter, contact us, book a time and lead capturing forms. More importantly, utilising Oncord's CMS platform, the client has a website they are able to manage and adapt over time. 

The imagery was changed to suit the language and to show trust, respectability and relatability.  The imagery chosen allows for re-purposing across social media platforms and email communication.


As the client didn't have CRM/database capability, it was decided to instigate this capability within the website, therefore allowing a true All-In-One functionality on the site.  

Multiple newsletter templates were created to be used to communicate with different market segments.  Automated email campaigns were established to assist relationship building with new leads and contacts. 


As a new business, the client wanted to highlight their business goals and aspirations, in a highly competitive market. The intention of the communication strategy was to establish the client as an expert.  Ebooks and welcome booklets were created as lead generation and information sharing tools. 


In conjunction with the new website design, the client sought assistance with their brand awareness strategy especially across social media platforms.  Facebook and LinkedIn were chosen. 

To support the client's brand expansion goals, a quarterly marketing calendar was established for all marketing components to be aligned from week to week.  Four posts were created weekly to align with the business core values, services and solutions offered. The intention was to increase engagement and following while expanding geographical reach.


A lead generation strategy was established for four main services, three geographical locations and two platforms.  Over a two-month campaign, bounce rates reduced from 65% to 58% and conversion rates of 22%. 


Website build, social media marketing strategy, communication development

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