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Situated in the beautiful region of Peachester, Chrysalis Hill offers you the best of R&R.  Surrounded by picturesque landscape, oozing charm, peace and tranquility, Chrysalis Hill is your home away from home. From the Cocoon to the Fire Pit and the Bali Hut, there are so many unique areas at Chrysalis Hill to Reset, Recharge and Rejuvenate. 

This is a new business, requiring a complete brand and website development. The challenge with this development was sourcing a business name that was readily available and aligned with the ethos of the business.  

Secondly, the business needed to stand out from competitors and yet be relatable to appeal to their audiences. 


The first step was to create language that aligned with the client's business goals.  The intention of the website and language was to create a peaceful and relaxing ambience, where readers would feel compelled to want to visit. 

The website included multiple entry points, contact us forms and events. 

All imagery was shot on site to provide a true reflection of the venue.


Being a multi-purpose operation, the brand incorporated 3 main colours as shown in the image.  The colour palette is very deep and soulful, highlighted and elevated by a beautiful, fine gold. Gold has many connotations‚Ķ higher ideals, enlightenment, refinement and grace.  The Turquoise helps to lift the mood too.  

The fonts are simple with a lovely fluid approach to complimentary lines in the identity and collateral - again, to bring some balance. 


As a new client, we established all social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.  


Sales brochures, email marketing and newsletter campaigns, were established to support initial lead generation and brand awareness campaigns.

Marketing strategy, website new build and copywriting, brand design, social media establishment

 Who did what:
Marketing strategy, website content writing and build by Your Marketing Machines
Brand design by Design Governess
Social media establishment and content by Dash Social 

NB: The business has been sold and no longer in operation.

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