Re-positioning of Dash Social

Dash Social is a local social media agency based in Maleny, Queensland with the aim of delivering business-fit solutions for all your social media platforms. They provide advice, guidance and support in all aspects of social media marketing for small business owners and entrepreneurs. 

The client had their original website with Squarespace and realised fairly quickly, that there were limitations on the platform.  Secondly, they would not own the website and if they wanted to move to another platform the data couldn't be transferred easily.

Also, the client wanted to present a professional, friendly and experienced brand to market. One of the key components was to integrate their social media feed (instagram) directly onto the website, allowing real-time content to be delivered. 

The new website transformed in being feminine in style and colour palette, supported by relational language.  The brand was actually developed after the website had been completed as the design purposely used gold and black.  

This website format is ideal for marketing based businesses who wish to highlight their expertise and knowledge.

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