Website Re-Build of Envision Forensics

Envision Forensics, is a boutique and experienced CPA Public Practise that specialises in Forensic Accounting and Business Valuation.

The client had originally belonged to a forensic accounting firm, but decided to embark on his own business.  The intention for the client was to provide a more specialised and personalised service.  Envision Forensics allows this to occur.

The client was seeking a digital platform that would highlight their extensive knowledge, expertise and service offerings.  They wanted the site to be simple to navigate, without being cluttered and allow for newsworthy information to be available as and when needed.

This website delivered on the brief with ease, allowing for additional functionality such downloadable documents.  Over time, the website will add RSS feeds, changing from a static website to an informational site. 

This format is perfect for professional and services based industries. 

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