Maximise Your Chatbot Marketing

Turning Facebook and your Website into your Brand Builder!


Automated Control - working without you

Never miss a lead with the help of an automated communication tool designed to engage and nurture Hot Leads.  If you're looking to supercharge your marketing through Facebook and accelerate lead generation, Maximising Your Chatbot Marketing will:

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Simple 3 Step Onboarding Process

With the help of our easy-to-use chatbot building platform, set up your Messenger chatbot with 3 simple steps!

  • Step 1: Identify Your Brand - What are you selling
  • Step 2: Identify the Chatbot Services - What information can you give
  • Step 3: Design the Customer Experience - How will your customers connect with it

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Messenger Mind Map

Marketing Made Easy!  With the Messenger Mind Map you will: 

  • Engage and qualify new leads with ease
  • Build a database of warm leads
  • Establish the first lines of communication with your leads 
  • Help you invest your time with HOT leads
  • Align your Messenger marketing strategy to your desired goals
  • Re-engage your networks and determine untapped potential¬†
  • Increase your conversion strategies and 
  • REDUCE your marketing spend

Your Messenger marketing success begins with 'The Messenger Mindmap'.

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Our Chatbot Video Training

With new technology comes education and its important you get know the power that is messenger marketing.  

Together with our partner and The Chatbot Controller, Mike Hillsdon from Chatbot Agency, we have all the secrets unmasked and available to access - FREE


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