Monetise Your Database

Turning your database into Dollars!


Forensic Marketing - money making

You've invested heavily to create your brand, generate pre-qualified leads, and establish credibility in the market place.  Why would you want to give it all away to the competition?

And Yet You Do.

Forensic marketing gives your business the edge.  Utilising your database we have the ability to:

  • Analyse and identify core customer insights
  • Segment your database by geographic, demographic, psychographic and activity based formatting
  • Determine where you are leaving valuable dollars within your database 
  • Re-engineer your marketing game plan to engage your database profitably
  • Develop sales funnels to capture new leads and opportunities
  • Integrate cost and time effective automation management software for greater efficiency

Marketing is more than generating leads. It is the ability to generate sales, over and over again.  The most cost efficient way is through analysing your current database to truly determine how profitable it can be to your business. 

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What our Clients Have To Say - their feedback

I didn't expect the results you presented from our customer database analysis.  What it highlighted is that we have more financial opportunities inside our network. 
Jennifer Lowe Director & Accountant
Total Tax Accountants
I love sound so much that I want my customers to experience it.  Thanks for cleaning our database because it proved just how much of my connections I hadn't sold to!
Scott Rogan Founder & Head Designer
Rogue Home Cinema
When you showed me the geographic spread of our customers I was amazed at the number of suburbs we weren't servicing! Our marketing strategy has now changed.
Kerrie-Anne Spence Director 
McKenna Pest Control

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