Re-positioning of Age Up Health

Age Up Health is a new in-home aged care service provider based in Melbourne.  Established based from the experiences of the Founder, the company wants to revolutionise the way aged care services are provided to our vulnerable and at risk. 

This client's brief was simple.  They wanted a website which truly reflected their values  and made it easy for people to gain confidence.  More importantly they wanted a website which had the options to be adapted over time. 

Using the style guide provided by the client, the new website was re-arranged, allowing for additional functionality as and when needed.  The website has multiple entry points from newsletter, contact us, book a time and lead capturing forms. 

As the client didn't have CRM/database capability, it was decided to instigate this capability within the website, therefore allowing a true All-In-One functionality on the site.  

The imagery was changed to suit the language and to show trust, respectability and relatability. 

This website format is ideal for businesses who are seeking adaptability, multiple functionality to reduce the need for plugins and external integrations.

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