Re-branding The Enterprise Edge

The Enterprise Edge, formerly Stewart Accounting and Advisory, an accounting practice who ensures accuracy, reliability and innovation.

The client was not happy with their previous branding or how they were presented to the market.  Rather they desired a brand which highlighted their expertise and knowledge and differentiated them from their competitors. 

With this in mind, The Enterprise Edge has a very unique style and flair, minimising traditional accounting language and staid imagery.  Instead the language takes a 'forward' approach, sets an expectation of business behaviour and demands relationship building.

The imagery has an industrial, aviation and architectural approach, which reflects the client's personal interests.  Also, the client wanted to avoid standard accounting style photos of people, an office and calculators. 

The new website is edgy, simply formatted for a positive user experience and designed to support the reader. 

This website format is ideal for a business that is desiring a unique or disruptive style that highlights their expertise and knowledge.

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