Marketing Secret #102 Customer Survey/Feedback Forms

Customer Survey/Feedback forms are an essential part of building your business.  Not only do they provide feedback and your client's opinions, they're also a great way to generate contact information you may not have had.  Also, feedback forms are great in letting you know who is ready to buy your products/services.  

There are so many types of forms you can use, however I am a fan of KISS - Keep It Simple Silly! 

No more than 8 questions and keep the information relevant.  You want the information to be meaningful and to help you make the right decision/next step.  Also, change the heading of the survey to suit the event, there is nothing worse than having a survey which was regurgitated from 1996!

Finally, Please, Please, Please, make it quick and easy for the person to complete.  Nobody wants to be there forever.  If it takes more than 2 minutes to fill in, change it. 

Here is an example of a survey form you can use or change to suit. 


Thanks for being a part of the [event].  Please take a moment to fill out our survey. We want to know how to make these [events] even better in the future. We hope you had a good time.

Name ________________________________________________________________________

What did you like the most about the information presented?


What did you like the least about the information presented?


What would you like to see next time?

What products/service are you interested in?

(include a tick/check box)

What are you wanting to achieve in the next 6 months?
(Include a tick/check box with your answers and allow them to tick as many options as they wish)

Name ___________________________________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________________________

City ___________________________________________  State ___________     Postcode ______

Home Phone ____________________________________ Work Phone ______________________

This is a basic format which you can then add additional questions to.  

I would recommend you use something like Survey Monkey where you can SMS or email the online form to the person and they can complete online.  With Survey Monkey you can then collate the data and review the results instantly.  

To give you a real-life example, I used Survey Monkey after an event I ran where I had 100 paying attendees.  I created the form online and then through SMS, sent the link details to everyone sitting in the event.  At the same time the MC asked everyone to check their phones as the link had been sent and to complete the survey there.  

Now because I am a fan of rewarding ACTIONS, the attendees were advised that gifts would be given out after the event drinks, so please complete the forms and be in to win!  

Well, you can guess what the completion rate was from that event?  Yep! we had almost 100% in the few minutes and the results were amazing.  

So if you are holding an event, presentation with a group and you are looking for feedback, consider the type of feedback form you will use. 

If you need advice, guidance or support with your surveys or feedback forms, reach out to us at or book a 15 minute no-obligation call with one our team