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SIZE! doesn't matter to us - Only your HEART!
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I was keen to develop social media and marketing strategies to increase awareness of my psychology practise.  Andrea has absolutely revolutionised the way I think about marketing, social media and business development, while increasing both my confidence and tool set to implement complete solutions.
Dr Peta Lilley Clinical Psychologist, Founder & CEO
Lilley Place Psychology

Andrea was instrumental in developing a clear marketing strategy and tactical plan to launch our new products and services. Her approach is pragmatic and down to earth with a relentless focus on execution and measurement.  Andrea's knowledge and professionalism are best in class and she has uncanny skills in ideation and drilling down to the core of any issue or challenge. 

Brian Clarke Founder & CEO
Workplan & DOTS Talent Solutions

Andrea is a marketing machine! Collaborating together on different projects, I have seen her come up with ideas at the drop of a hat that makes my head spin!  With her years of marketing experience, she takes her clients business to the next level with her strategies and her knowledge. Andrea manages to create teams that work and thrive together which in turn, delivers great outcomes for their clients. 
Deb Purkiss Founder & Chief Strategist
Social Media Angel

Andrea is a dynamic, creative, highly organised "go-getter"!  One just has to look at the fantastically organised recent launch of the ongoing, 'Advancing Women in Business' event to see Andrea's highly efficient marketing and follow through skills in action.  The occasion was a glorious accomplishment with a packed house of inspired attendees who enthusiastically stayed for the whole day!
Danny Lanfranco Account Manager - Commercial
Toshiba Australia

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