Marketing Secret #103 Professional Relationships and LinkedIn

Whether you’re managing your personal profile or your company page, it pays to stay active and update your LinkedIn profile regularly.

Here are a few tips for you to keep your presence fresh, ensuring your profile highlights the Guru you are!

  • All-Star status on your profile. LinkedIn profiles have a gauge that gives a visual representation of how your profile compares to others in your industry. Use its helpful skills suggestions to fully complete your profile and raise your status on LinkedIn!
  • Be easy to find! LinkedIn uses a search function similar to search engines like Google, which means that you can actually optimize your LinkedIn Profile with keywords just like you would a web page. When you’re filling out your Profile, choose a few keywords that are highly relevant to your profession – words that people use when searching for pros like you.
  • Post frequent status updates. The advantage of LinkedIn’s news feed, as opposed to Facebook’s or even Twitter’s, is that it is populated with articles and information exclusively according to your business interests. There are a few tools available to help you easily customize and schedule your updates, no matter where you’re posting.
  • Get your “boilerplate” on point. A “boilerplate” is a prewritten company description. Make sure yours is powerful and consistent and ask your team to include it on their own profiles – it communicates a strong value proposition for your business.
  • Share and produce insightful articles. Sharing and publishing articles that are relevant to your industry will contribute to how well your LinkedIn profile performs. Posting consistently will enable you to grow your professional network and reach those interested in your field.

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