Marketing Secret #21

Their Wants Are all that Matters! 

Most marketing and referral-getting we see is based on a laundry list of what you think prospective customers should care about, which is why no one responds!

Yes, you know what I’m talking about. Things like: 

  • Free Initial Consultation!
  • We Care!
  • Best Tasting
  • Top Sales Person!
  • Quality Service
  • The ABC Communication Services Advantage!

In case you can’t figure out why these things create no curiosity, and therefore, no response, I’ll be glad to tell you.

All this stuff is talking to prospective customers about what you think!

On the other hand, everything you promote has to be about what they think!

First and foremost, you must get rid of the illusion that your products, services or company, or self are so good that people will be compelled to read about them. The fact of the matter is that no one cares. Yes, you heard me, no one gives a damn about how great you think your stuff, or your ideas, or your knowledge, or your company or whatever is!

Harsh, that is true.

It is still a mystery to me why we are all trained to believe that, because we think we have such wonderful ideas, and the “best company” and so forth, that everyone is concerned.

Anyone who has tried to impress someone with bragging knows that is one of the fastest ways to turn people off. Real fast.

Try walking up to a total stranger and start the conversation with, “Hi. I just wanted you to know that my company has the best track record over the last three centuries, and that we offer more services than anyone else! As a matter of fact, I have been in the business for four decades, and have won every award my company has! How about pulling your chequebook out and writing me a cheque for this product which performs so well?”

After the person punched you out, you might waken and wonder what went wrong. Is that the kind of bait that gets people to bite? Could it really be that no one wants your company’s brilliance? Is it possible that your interrupting someone with your pitch was unwelcomed? Can’t this person see how important it is to have a proper representative? What other company could possibly help people as much as I can? “Is this person a Weirdo?”

Not likely. It might just be your fault. Yes, you heard me, your fault! You see, there isn’t any law that states that people must think about you, and they won’t until they are ready to! So why does everyone send mail, or make calls, or send emails, or run ads that assume prospective clients/customers/patients have been waiting for your pitch like they wait to win the lottery?

Because that’s what you have been taught to believe. For example, have you ever sent out postcards for your products or service that said something like this landscaper said:

Dear Resident,

Owning a home is a mixed blessing. It’s probably your greatest asset…and your greatest liability. As an experienced landscaper, I can help protect your home’s beauty and value with professional lawn and tree care. With my services, you’ll feel more comfortable living in the house you own…

These types of marketing pieces pull little, if any, response. I hope you know why. If you don’t, please let me tell you:

Because you are assuming that your prospective customers care.  Because you are assuming they think like you. Because you are saying nothing different. Because you are bragging about yourself without displaying any empathy. Because you are not attracting attention. Because you are stimulating zero curiosity or interest. Because you are trying to convince people of something they don’t believe. 

Do you really think anyone will do anything except toss this junk in the garbage? If you want to continue to have little or no response to your appeal, then keep talking about:


Instead of 


It's foolproof. Just keep on assuming you can make other people think like you do, and you will have nobody to talk to!

By the way, if you are interested in getting responses, you might want to try to understand what it is that your prospective customers do think about. Try to get a real handle on what they feel and what they want.

And then, you have to find how to describe what they want in an emotional and benefit driven way!

Communication doesn’t work when you’re busy stressing the features you feel people should be all hot and bothered about! Could it be that you think, unless you show everyone how much you know, they won’t be suitability impressed?

Did you ever consider that maybe they would be interested if you told them what's in it for them instead of reciting some boring features that only another person in the business would know?  Oh yeah, and while you’re telling them what you will do for them, speak English!

Good old-fashioned, regular English. Not like the professors taught you. Just like you all talk to your friends. Just like you’re a regular person yourself.

Now, let me share one of the greatest marketing Secrets ever. Please promise me you’ll emblazon this on your brain and never ever forget it. It is probably the single factor that separates the also ran’s from the huge producers. It’s this:

If you focus all your marketing, selling and servicing efforts exclusively based on what your customers really want, you'll be rich! Guaranteed!

I swear, this one fact is ignored by almost everyone in this, and virtually every other business. Why?  Doesn’t it make so much common sense that it screams at you?

Isn’t it obvious that it’s like, “Yeah Andrea, like what’s the big deal? Everyone knows that!”

I hate to disagree, but I will. I think we spend so much time studying and learning product technicalities and service strategies...all kinds of details that have to be understood and mastered to do our jobs, we forget what our jobs really are!

Which is, of course, to find and keep customers!


We don’t get paid for knowing all the technical stuff.

Last time I checked, we only get paid for knowing all the technical stuff and selling products or services to people who want them!

In other words, knowing just the technical stuff is worthless.  Having people who want you to take care of them with your know-how is priceless!

And until you completely acknowledge that the average person doesn’t give two hoots about what you know, you will never make the kind of money you deserve for knowing all this stuff!

Now don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying product or technical knowledge is worthless. I am saying that it is worthless without customers.

And, you’ll never have impressive numbers of customers without promoting exactly what they want, in a form of communication that they understand and relate to!

As you gain more knowledge of marketing, you must keep this concept of marketing to prospects’ wants as the foundation for everything you ever do to get new business. you must stop thinking like yourself and begin to think only like your prospective customers! you have to become an expert in customer driven thinking! never again think about what you want, or about your need to make money!

There isn’t one secret I’ll be sharing that doesn’t require this concept about thinking like your prospects and customers! Not one! Every technique you’ll ever use that I share will embrace this philosophy.

And I know this is hard for many of us to do. It’s hard to stop thinking like we think and begin to think like our customers. But I also know it isn’t as hard as you might think. Why?

Because the very first time you do this – even a little – you’ll see positive results. And when you see those initial positive results, you’ll start liking it. And when you start liking getting positive results, you’ll start thinking more like your customers. Which will lead to even more positive results. And so on!

Before you know it, you’ll be an expert communicator! And, an expert at depositing money into your bank account!

Now, what if you really aren’t sure what your prospects and customers think about?  Well, the simple way to find out is to ask existing customers!

See, if you ask people the right questions in the right way, they’ll tell you exactly what you want to know!

And if existing customers tell you what they want, you can assume that others like them want the same things.

Once you truly begin to understand what’s wanted and communicate that you can do what’s wanted, you’ll have more customers than anyone else in your field!