Marketing Secret #22 The One Question That Your Advertising And Marketing Must Instantly Answer, Or People Won’t Respond!

Everyone is totally self-absorbed and selfish.

All they care about is themselves, and maybe their family.

How about you?

Do you care about me, or what I think…or did you visit here because of what YOU thought you could get out of it?

Of course, you’re no different from me, or anyone else.

We all care about is ourselves.

It’s just human nature.

So, when doing any marketing, there’s one question that your prospective clients/customers/patients are going to ask, subconsciously, when they see your ads:

“What’s In It For Me?”

This is a major point you have to understand.

If the headline and copy and reports and newsletters, you use answer this question, they will be moneymakers for you!

If they talk about things that don’t answer this question, they will not create responses!

For example, talking about the fact that you have “High Quality” does not answer this question.  Talking about your professional credentials doesn’t answer this question.  Bragging about being the “best” or that you “care” doesn’t answer this question.

Even saying you have the “Best Tasting” is unimportant, because everyone else says that their product is the best.  Your words fall on deaf ears.  And so on.

But do you see how “learning the Secrets of Saving Thousands of Dollars In Decorating Your Home,” does answer this question?

Or, “How To Buy A Luxury Car AND Avoid The Six Biggest Mistakes That Could Cost You Thousands” answers this question?

Keep this critical concept in mind whenever you consider any marketing attempt!

Just like you, your prospects only want to know what’s in it for them!