Marketing Secret #23 Learn The Art Of Being Down To Earth

I think that both appearing and being down to Earth is a big factor in my success over the years.

What I mean by that phrase is that so many business owners give the customers an air of superiority. They make them feel that they are in a blessed position to be doing business with them.

It is not an easy thing to communicate my definition of this concept, so I think using examples will be the best way. Now most of what I’m going to show you will apply to sales, but any business can learn from this definition:

  1. A professional always wears appropriate clothing to work. Usually I would meet a new client for the first time dressed appropriately, then would change to casual clothing.
  2. The client referral reward letter tells the clients how much it costs to get a client and why we would rather pay them than the newspaper. We are being very candid and not trying to make up some B.S. about why we want to reward clients. The honesty is always appreciated.
  3. In our client newsletter, we always talk about family stuff such as babies, puppies and family celebrations, promotions etc. Some people think this is not “professional”, however we have continuously, received comments from people saying they love the newsletters as they are so interesting.
  4. When meeting with clients, I tell them about my personal life and ask about theirs. I always make a point to remember little things about them that I will ask later on. If someone is scared of something, I will share fears I have had and continue to have. It doesn’t make you weak. If anything it makes you human and down to Earth.

Does this get the message across? Do I feel this is important? You bet I do! This quality has brought me lots of referrals over the years. The reason I can say that is because of all the people who have told me that they admire my lack of “airs”.


Another place to show your “Down To Earthness” is in your written communications to people. It is critical to your success to make sure you are viewed as a real person by your readers. Tell them why you do things, why you sent them the letter, or how you feel about the topic. Share some insight into what you are as a person and how you got that way. Tell them about your mistakes. Tell them about your successes.

If you have trouble imagining yourself opening up to people, try to take a realistic look at whether your “image” has made you as rich as you want to be. If not, then maybe it’s time to bring yourself down a few notches in ego to take yourself up several notches in income!

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