Marketing Secret #26 How To Use Creative Thinking And Techniques To Become A Consultant, Not A “Sales Person"

There are many techniques in most industries that have nothing to do with just typically selling products/services, etc. as we’re taught from a traditional standpoint.

There are countless numbers of books, tapes and seminars that teach you how to use these specific techniques, and I’m not going to get into great detail about those in this section.  What I merely want to cover is the concept of using and knowing them in ways to become a consultant or advisor to people, so you’re able to make money in all kinds of markets and situations – without being dependent on just traditional ways of selling.

When markets are tough and competition fierce, business professionals who do not position themselves as consultants are going to have a very difficult time of surviving and prospering in any field.


Well, because people out there don’t really care about your problems.

They just want to buy the most for the least.

And they want objective advice about how to do so.

See, that’s the big key: Objective advice about whatever products or services you offer!

If you stick with what you’ve always done, you’re going to get what you’ve always got.  In a touch, competitive marketplace when times are changing, professionals who change with the good times and the bad times are the ones who will make money and prosper.

Now, what am I really talking about? Let’s take an example:

In the heavy equipment business, instead of offering “equipment” you offer an objective analysis of the company’s business, how they operate and what they really need. If you are in the printing business, instead of selling “printing”, you evaluate all of their printed materials and prepare a brief report telling them how to improve their printed materials and cost savings recommendations. Or if you sell real estate, offer a total market overview of your entire area to determine the fastest moving price ranges.

You get the idea. If you offer more than just whatever it is you sell, you’ll be disappointed as the only person to go to in your category…because all of your former competitors will still be just selling whatever it is they sell. You, on the other hand, will be the only one who actually HELPS them…before letting them buy anything!

The point is, if you talk to people and position yourself in a way that they view you as a consultant or advisor, they will come to you and you will be able to generate business on transactions in numbers you never would’ve imagined. Let me give you an example of a real estate client.

I had dealt with an agent whose client had bought and sold properties that involved a government program. The agent saw a massive opportunity in his area, so decided to take advantage of what his client was doing by making an arrangement to deal with him.

This is what happened:

The client would source the properties, and the agent watched out for properties that fit the criteria for this particular government program; they began buying properties and renovating them.  The client would obtain the financing including his own money, government and bank financing.  He owned the properties and fixed them up; while the agent would deal with the buying and selling of the properties to investors and other people.

After about 12 months, the agent, who was drawing a six figure income, turned himself into a real estate “consultant” specialising in government properties.  He went on to not only maintain his current real estate practice, he also had commission sales from other agents, but had now diversified into a consulting role, moving all kinds of transactions through his office he never would’ve in the past.

The reason I mention this example is to show you that there are many ways you can make money as a “consultant” ways that position you with people quite differently from the way you’re probably positioned now.  You can establish a unique selling proposition advantage, unlike business people selling goods and services in traditional ways.

While it’s impossible to identify all the different ways business professionals can get involved as “consultants” in their respective fields, it’s not impossible to use creative thinking to find what works for you.  You’ll find an endless list!

We want you to think outside the traditional bounds of your business or industry’s normally tunnel vision of thinking.

Expand your thinking! Earl Nightingale said that in order to make more money, you merely have to find ways to be of more service to your customers…and you’ll automatically be the most successful!

When you offer more service, you’ll have many, many more weapons.

Now a brief comment to conclude:

When you’re meeting with a potential or current client/customer/patient, you may find your new self, (the consultant/advisor) having to advise them that they aren’t ready, or right, or whatever.  That they really shouldn’t do anything with you, or anyone else, at this time.  You may find yourself taking a pass on them, even though your instincts, training and need for money, etc, may push you, to push them.

This has to stop. You always have to act as if they are paying you to be their objective adviser! Even if it means losing a sale!

You need to consult with them and go through all their options.

You may even need to help them find someone else who will be right for what they want or need. This is a foreign concept to most of us. But it is the most profitable way to do business.

I’ve had countless examples of taking a pass at a new customer or client, and had that honesty, that “counselling” position, pay off big time!  People are so appreciative of your honesty, that they either come back to you later, and always, and/or refer everyone they know!

I’ve had more business…by taking a pass on some business!

You’ll get business because you’re providing people with all the options/choices they have when everyone else is talking about how their company’s the “biggest and best” or trying to otherwise “sell” the deal.

So that’s the key: getting people to buy from you because you offer more than anyone else.  More service, that is.

And, you’ll make more money because of it.

This fortune making secret will require that you learn more about your field, and any and all related fields. You’re going to have to study and study some more.

You need to go out and start buying books, attending seminars, etc. that deal with all kinds of issues related to your field. You must become familiar with how people in other professions can work with you and help you. And, you much become familiar with all the different types of services available in both public and private sectors.

Yes, it’s work. But if you want to make a lot of money, you’re going to have to work.

If you like the business of marketing and selling products and services – and, you should because it’s a fun business – you have to become familiar with all aspects related to your field, not just one particular area. There is not a law that says you can only sell using traditional methods.

Get out there and become a consultant/advisor and see how your life changes in dramatic ways.