Marketing Secret #35 Use Today’s Technology To Make More Money

I want to briefly mention here that we often get resistance from clients for using things like these electronic voice mailboxes and other high tech tools.

I know that to some people, these things seem a little bit mysterious or possibly a little bit scary.  Other people think that they’re very expensive and that you can make do with other things that will be just as good, except be cheaper.

All I can tell you is that all those thoughts are wrong.

And that those thoughts will cost you a ton of money and tons of lost business.

Don’t be afraid of using technology to help you make a lot of money. The marketing techniques we teach are available simply through service bureaus.

All you do is make one phone call, have them set up your line or lines, record the messages and you’re all set.

It couldn’t be easier!

For example, all service bureaus will allow you to access your own Voice Mailbox through any telephone, whether it is your mobile phone, office or home phone. You can record your messages and you get your messages right off the phone.

It doesn’t matter where the service bureau is located and it doesn’t matter if your customers know about them or not.  All that matters is that it is very, very simple for you to use and I’d hate to see you lose money because you don’t.

People think that these services are difficult to work with or use.  Let me also assure you that they are very simple.  Most of them will give you instructions when you call up and they tell you which buttons to push on your phone.

So, please don’t let predetermined attitudes about the complexity or strangeness of these tools stop you from using them.

The other issue is cost. We hear over and over again, “I don’t want to spend that kind of money.” I’m not sure what you consider expensive but it is a hell of a lot cheaper than lost leads for your business or having an employee sit there answering your phone calls. Either way it’s a lot cheaper than doing it on your own.

Just so you know, there is no way to make money in your business without spending a little bit of money.

I also find it hard to believe that somebody can’t come up with a small fee to have a state-of-the-art, highly responsive, voice mail ad response working for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I don’t mean to be preaching here; I just want to emphasize that there really is no reason or excuse not to be making a lot of money.

It is very simple to make money. We are giving you all the tools and telling you how to do it. The only thing that we can’t do is give you the proper attitude to realize that spending this tiny amount of money can pay dividends that are totally huge!

So, think this through very carefully and try to skip a couple of lunches during the month, if that is what it takes to pay for one of these boxes.

I feel it is very important to point this out because I don’t want you to not have the success you deserve because you weren’t willing to spend a few dollars on top-notch technology.