Marketing Secret #37 Voice Mail Marketing

We want to talk about the powerful use of a 1-800#…a marketing technique I’ve been using and teaching for years, that has made people very happy!

What am I talking about?

1-800#s for marketing using recorded messages!

This concept is the most powerful response generator I have ever used! EVER!

Let’s talk about what I mean.

Whenever you do any marketing, whether an ad, or postcard, or business card, or whatever, using an 1-800# with a 24 hour recorded message…will always pull more leads than any other response mechanism, PERIOD!

Why do I say this?

Well, after years of testing and reports from literally thousands of our members all across the country, I can simply say that Voice Mail marketing works much, much, much better than non 1-800 Voice Mail marketing!

Here’s what I mean.  Look at these two ads and see if you notice the subtle difference:

So spot the difference?

Well, the only difference is that one ad asks people to call an 1-800#, while the other ad asks them to call a 1-800#, 24 hours, for a FREE recorded message!

And that subtle difference can usually mean anywhere from double or triple the leads…to as many as 20 times the leads!

I am not going to tell you that if you ran those two ads in the same paper that you would always get x% more leads with the recorded message…because I can’t give you exact numbers of increase for any ad.

What I can do, however, is tell you that 99 out of 199 times the recorded message pitch will outpull the non-recorded message pitch!

What do you think that reason is that a lot of interested prospects do not follow through and call you, or respond to your “pitch”, even when you provide a 1-800# which we know works better than a local number?

For each person who responds, there are dozens on the brink who stop short.  Why?


They have this fear that you are going to try to sell them something.  (Why would they think that?)

Well there is a cheap and efficient way to handle this element of fear using a non-threatening, non-sales approach!

Voice Mail!

This simple trick will increase your response immeasurably. Why?

Since the prospects know that they will not get a live, pressure-laden, salesperson on the phone, they will be much more likely to call.

I can’t stress enough the importance of this no-pressure marketing tool!

Everyone in business feels compelled to create immediate conversations with prospects. You have all been taught that way by the big companies. It is a sin to waste a “hot one,” and let them get away.

Fortunately, pressure selling has gone the way of power ties. All it does is turn people off. It creates an image of distrust and actual disgust for the offending party.

On the contrary, the pressureless, “nudge-type” approach will gently ease these skpetical prospects into the fold.

Whatever the reason, if you don’t use this technique, you will not make anywhere near the amount of money you are capable of.  That’s a fact.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Get a 1-800 Voice Mail service to hook you up. It should cost about $50 – $100 per month, plus a cost per call.
  • It doesn’t matter where the service is located because they use 1-800#s, which are nationwide, and which will cost the same per minute no matter where you or the phone company are located. Plus you can access your messages through any phone.
  • You DO WANT a system that has many lines coming into each Voice Mailbox, so your leads will never get a busy signal.
  • You DO WANT a system that HAS CALLER ID, SO YOU GET 100% OF THE LEADS’ PHONE NUMBERS WITHOUT ASKING FOR THEM! (Testing has shown that you always get more leads when you ask for “name and address” as opposed to “name and telephone number”.  I think it’s because people don’t feel as threatened when you don’t ask for their phone number.)
  • You DO WANT a system that can give you on-line statistics about how many calls came in against how many people hung up without leaving a name capture. This way, you can check your box any time and see if your message is making leads curious enough to want to leave their name and address.
  • You DO WANT a system that is capable of storing hundreds of messages instead of the 20-50 that many phone companies offer.

Don’t waste your time trying to do this yourself!  It’s cheaper to go with these direct marketing services and they will give you everything you need, all at once.

The reason I’m dwelling on this point is that we see so many people trying to cut corners with answer machines and local phone companies, which always turns out to cost more…and be a bigger hassle beside!

Record your message in YOUR voice, that tells a story the way you want it told.

For example, look at this script:

“Thank you for calling the ABC Florist Message Line.  Whether you are needing a gift for a loved one, or a sympathy arrangement, we have information in a FREE report that can literally save you hundreds of dollars in the course of a year, sharing little known ways to get twice the flowers for half the money!  To get a FREE copy of this report, please leave your name and address after the tone, and we’ll send it right out to you.  Please speak slowly and spell any uncommon names so we get your mailing information properly.  Thank you.”

See how easy and non-threatening all that is?  And see why people leave their info?  Also, can you see that message doesn’t ask for a phone number?

Remember, Caller-ID will get virtually every phone number for you.  And by not asking for it, you’ll get more names.

Now all you have to do is take names and phone numbers off the box every day, and start your marketing cycle!

Once you have an ad running, or an insert, or postcard, or whatever…you will get phone calls into your Voice Mailbox right away.  And I mean right away.

Like today!

This entire process can take as little as a few days to two weeks, max!

After two weeks, the deal has either worked or fallen flat on its face.

So, as you see, it is not lengthy in terms of time.

But, it is lengthy in terms of how you enter the prospects’ heart.

You see, they have already told you they were interested because they’ve had several chances not to be interested, and they haven’t taken advantage of those opportunities.


This nice and slow, non-threatening process is fundamental to your marketing.  Take your old training and wrap it up very nicely, and then, THROW IT IN THE GARBAGE!

Yep!  You heard me right.  You have to take outdated mentality and place it in the refuse pile of life.

Pressure and marketing go together as well as politics and truth.

Another big advantage to using this type of marketing is that it is real cheap.  A small test ad will cost you very little.  Most likely under $250 if you test in a local paper.

How many calls do you need to break even?  Not too many!

How many of your competitors are using this high-tech, low-cost, non-threatening approach?  I would be none!

Yet, this source is so cheap and brings such good results, it is unbelievable!


Another key place to use recorded messages besides on your postcards, letters, flyers, etc., is on your PRODUCT AND SERVICS ADS THEMSELVES!

Some of you may have heard of agents putting all the information about products on recorded messages.  If you aren’t doing that, you’re making a big mistake!

Think about the non-threatening aspects of the Voice Mail.  Think about how many people drive by your office and want to know more about your offerings, but they don’t call because of the fear of being “strangled” by a salesperson!

If you identify on your marketing material that prospects can reach a recorded message, I assure that you will get significantly more calls than if you just use the office or your own number!  In fact, if you do it right, I guarantee you will!

I’ve never seen a recorded message line not do better than a straight line!

Think about how nice it is for prospects to hear you on the radio and make calls from their cars, or when they get home…and then be able to listen to all the details on your products.  Without any pressure!

If your recorded message is good, many of these people will either leave their names and addresses to get more info and/or call you!

Now you want to make sure that the 1-800# you use has the following features:

  • No limit to the length of the outgoing or incoming messages
  • A simple two or three-digit code to punch on their phones to get the info about whatever you want them to know about
  • Caller ID
  • Low fixed costs
  • “Transcription of Messages” service available
  • On-line statistics
  • Numerous lines going into the box
  • A very high limit on the number of messages that can be stored

Don’t think this is some good idea to just mull over.  Just go out and get recorded messages on your ads, and watch your income grow for four reasons:

  1. Your products and services will get more action and sell faster, making you more money
  2. You will close more presentations when the prospects see how you’re doing this
  3. You’ll get more buyers to buy products that bring you the highest profits
  4. You’ll get more referrals from clients and customers who used you and your high tech recorded message techniques!