Marketing Secret #38 Recording Your Voice Mail Message So That People Leave Their Name And Address!

Another small point?


Old advertising habits are hard to break.

Picture this…

Let’s say you run a little home client ad in one of your local newspapers.

Now, let’s say an interested caller dials your 1-800 message line, and the first thing they hear is something like this:

“Hi, this is Bill Brown, with All Green Landscaping Services.  If you’re looking to protect and even increase the value of your property, we can definitely help you find the right design and planning materials you want to invest in.”

Is that what the caller really wanted to hear? About you?

What do you think the caller might be inclined to do? (The answer is hang up!)

See, the key here is to use the recorded message only for what it was designed to do:

Get callers to leave their name and address!

So, don’t be selling when they call!

Just have a friendly, NON-THREATENING, NON-SALES message that kind of restates the pitch in the ad or lead generation device, whatever it may be!


No selling please.

How To Record Your Free Voice Mail Telephone Message.

  1. Make up your voice message
  2. When you record it, don’t talk to fast or slow
  3. It should sound like an informative public service announcement
  4. Make sure to use a Voice Mail message line for responses
  5. Do not use an answering machine
  6. Use an 1-800# Voice Mail message line instead of a local message line

Important points to remember:

  • Keep your Voice Mail script focused on arousing curiosity
  • Your objective is get people to ask for the FREE report
  • Test short and longer script versions to see which does better
  • Don’t be tempted to advertise, sell offer anything else
  • The FREE report will nudge the prospect toward an appointment
  • DO NOT ask for phone numbers! That will reduce name captures.  Get their number by using a service that has Caller ID
  • Just get names and addresses in this step

Think about your own experience.

Do you like getting called by salespeople?  Do you think most people like getting called by salespeople?

You did say “No” – didn’t you?

Sure, sure, there are exceptions but…

When most people get called by a salesperson, they don’t respond: “Oh thank goodness, you called me!  Let me put my dinner in the oven so that we can talk!”

Do you see how a little newspaper ad like this solves a big sales problem?

While you’re meeting with a client in your office…this little ad is prospecting for you.

While you’re doing other things…little ads like these can get you new prospects!  Do you have to call them?


With a FREE 24-hour recorded message line, they call YOU!

As a final note, if you’re getting 60% or better name captures you’re doing very well.  If you’re getting less than 40% you probably need to change the message to see if a different one will get you more responses.

Sometimes a longer message works better.  Sometimes a shorter message works better.

As usual, you have to test.

If, on Day 1, you get 20 phone calls and 15 names, don’t touch anything.

If, on the other hand, on Day 1, you get 20 calls and only 7 messages, you need to change the message, like right NOW!

If you wait until getting a monthly statement from the phone company to determine this ratio, you could’ve wasted all kinds of money and squandered leads.

This daily checking is one of the keys to real direct response marketing.  You get IMMEDIATE feedback and results!