Marketing Secret #58 What Is A Unique Selling Proposition

“Hi! This is Mr Professional. Normally, Andrea starts out with these secrets, but I had to jump in and start this before she gets going on this things she calls a “Unique Selling Proposition” (USP).

Now, I have to tell you, she got on this subject before, and I was very upset, as were many other people in business.

Andrea has the nerve to share that the reason people do business with us has nothing to do with our knowledge or skills as a professional. And that knowing product technicalities and so on…are not the reasons that people come to do business with us.

I know she is going to be continuing with that line of rubbish of hers, that all our professional knowledge isn’t what makes people buy products/services and refer to us, and make us our huge incomes. As a matter of fact…”

Excuse me, EXCUSE ME, – man, I have to shut Mr Professional up. He’s going to go off on a tangent telling you that I’m going to give you wrong information again. You know, I feel sorry for Mr Professional, because he really wants to do well. And I think he really wants his knowledge, experience and credentials to make a difference. Unfortunately, I can’t accommodate Mr Professional’s wishes, nor can I accommodate yours, if you feel the same way.

Since this is such an important topic, and one which we continue to get feedback on, I’ve figured out that most of you still don’t seem to get it. So, I decided we would devote a long chapter to this most important of topics.

You see, in my mind there’s nothing more important than for you to be able to answer the question that Dan Kennedy poses to all people that he deals with, and tries to teach about marketing. The question is, from a client/customer/patient/prospect’s mind:”

Why should I do business with you, above all other choices I have, including doing nothing, or whatever I am doing now?”

Think about it. Think about that question. If I met you on a plane or sitting next to you on a train going to work, and I said to you, “Hi! What do you do?” What would you answer be? Can you tell me exactly what you do? And can you tell me what you do in such a way that you would get my jaw to drop open and have nothing to else to say expect, “WOW! When can I come in for an appointment?”

Do you really have such a “Unique Selling Proposition”?

Now, I know that we spend time continuously talking to members on the phone about this. We get “Unique Selling Propositions” submitted to us all the time. Unfortunately, most of the “Unique Selling Propositions” fall into the category of what Dan Kennedy calls “slogans.” Really nice things that sound good, but they don’t hit the raw emotional nerves.

For example, we hear things like, “I help people reduce their electricity costs by 50% or more.” “I help people take care of their pets when a sudden crisis occurs.” “I help people protect their most valuable asset – retirement funds.” “I run the most successful restaurant!” “Don’t make a move on your next tyre purchase without me!” “The best service!” “I really put all my experience to work for you!” “Personal design (or tax planning or investing) is my specialty!” And so on.

Now, have you ever heard any of that before? Have you ever said anything like that before?

Now, really, does anyone out there, including Mr Professional, really think that sort of comment is going to create interest in the consumer? Let’s be honest with ourselves. Let’s discuss this issue of a “Unique Selling Proposition,” and how we have to come up with at least one really, really good one, if we have any chance to get to the top of our industry.


We have a member who grossed over $3 million in profits last year in his industry. This year, he’s on track to gross $4 million. (Yes, that’s $4 million profit dollars in his pocket! In what is supposedly one of the toughest markets in the world!)

Now, this guy, when asked what he does, has a very simple statement. I’ll tell you what it is in a few minutes. I won’t tell you what it is now. But I will tell you, that because he has such a powerful “Unique Selling Proposition” in the market he specialises in, and he has built his entire business around this “Unique Selling Proposition”, he has been able to gross more money in a month than most people in this business grow in ten years! (Or more.)

He averages more transactions in a month, than most business owners do all year! And he does this in a truly tough marketplace, in a highly competitive business. I mention him only to emphasise that with a dynamite “Unique Selling Proposition”, and a marketing SYSTEM to capitalise on the USP, the sky is the limit! (He doesn’t have dull slogans, or worn-out power phrases to attract customers. For now, I want you to think about what we’re talking about, and start thinking about your USP!)

And, I want all of you to realise that this guy isn’t any smarter, or more “Professional”, than anyone else. He’s just the best marketer around, and he knows how, with his USP, to make an emotional impact that is so compelling, people line up to let him help them!

(Which also brings up the point that, if you aren’t making as much money as you’d like to be making, it isn’t the economy, or the falling market, or rising interest rates, or the recession, or sceptical people, or your community, or your manager, or anything…but your lack of marketing a USP in a constant, never ending