Marketing Secret #61 Fear Of Long, Emotionally Responsive Marketing Copy

Copy is what sells. Forget about it being too long.

Details and mental picture are all important to the prospect who is interested.

Never worry about writing for the prospect who isn’t interested. Write only for the ones who are!

Remember that you can never get a person who has absolutely dead zero interest in you or your products or services to pay attention to anything you have to say.

If you write a one word sales letter to such a person, they will not even read your short and sweet letter.

Uninterested people are uniquely uninterested.


Uninterested people will not respond to you for any reason under any circumstances.

However, interested people want to know everything they can about whatever it is you offer. Interested people can’t get enough information or knowledge about whatever it is they’re interested in.

Interested people want details, specifics, reasons, explanations, demonstrations, proof, etc. In other words, they have to be told everything and everything

And, usually that takes somewhat longer then a paragraph or two. It could take many, many pages or minutes.

Let me give you an example.

Infomercials are thirty minutes long because they sell products that are more complicated and require more explanation than say, selling a pencil. They take longer because they have more to talk about to interested people. Someone who’s not interested in getting fit, for example, is not going to sit through a half hour pitch for a fitness device or DVD or whatever.

But…someone who has just been told by his significant other that she won’t touch him until he loses 20 kilos and his beer gut…just may sit through many hours of infomercials, and read very, very long sales letters before deciding what to buy!

See, this same guy may have been very uninterested a couple of days ago, as his beer guzzling, lack of exercise and eating like a pig didn’t particularly bother him. But, when he discovers his love life is in the tank until he regains his slim, trim self she got involved with a few years ago…he is really interested, and will listen, watch and read everything on the subject!

Don’t be boring, and keep explaining until you have nothing left to say when selling in any medium! Remember, it should be as long as it has to be. No longer and no shorter!