Marketing Secret #63 Being Dragged Down by Negative People and Attitudes

 I’m not going to argue this point, but I do have to mention it. A lot of people like to complain. They like to find blame outside of themselves.  

It’s always another excuse why they’re not making any money. It’s the economy, or high interest rates, or stupid manufacturers holding things up! You name it and it’s likely been used as an excuse.      Here’s my advice.  

Move away from these people! Don’t talk to them, other than casually. Don’t ask their opinions. Don’t get sucked into their negative mindset and attitude!

Just stay away!  

If your entire company is a negative, downer of a place, you need to take a good look at yourself! If you have people in your immediate vicinity who is always stressing the negative, if your associates are always complaining, if the air smells foul with defeat and anger…  


Did I say that already? Oh well, it must be because we see so much of this.  

I’m not here to motivate you. I’m not lighting a fire under your butt. No, all I’m doing, is helping you to avoid the worst situation you can be in. Which is…being surrounded by the shroud of financial death.   See, hanging around the complainers and excuse-providers will rub off on you. Yes, you will be the next victim.  

Your success, or lack of it, is all in your control. Don’t tempt the fates by hanging out with whingers and naysayers. If you learn nothing else from me, learn this: listening to losers is the same as being poisoned by them.  

Instead, hang around and emulate people who have emotional intelligence and who go out there are get stuff done. Not just talk about getting it one…or complain about it. People who do it!  

So, don’t get trapped, because it’s easy to do. Just get away. You’ll see an immediate change for the better. I promise.

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