Have you ever wondered what your customers/clients/patients really think of you?

Not what they tell you in person, but what they say among themselves or to their friends?

Well, there is one easy way to find out.

Ask them!

In writing, of course.

A few years ago, we decided to send out an annual evaluation form about us to our clients.

We figured that, even though we might not really want to hear what they have to say, it would probably be a great exercise to do.

So we did.

And wow, we certainly did learn some stuff!

We found out that about 72% of the clients were basically happy with our relationship. Some 19% were dissatisfied. The rest were neutral.


We saw that the biggest thing clients liked was the fact that we spent time consulting with them, and not “selling” them!

From this evaluation, we learned that many of the satisfied and dissatisfied clients felt we didn’t communicate enough with them.

The dissatisfied clients almost universally felt that we weren’t much different from their previous company, in that we focused too much on making money. Now, we give everyone the exact same service, but obviously, there was room for improvement.

This revelation caused us to implement more in-depth interviewing and counselling techniques.

We also learned that clients are more than willing to share with you if you present information to them in a straightforward fashion.

Take a look at the form starting on the next page and see if you can adopt a close version of this for yourself:


Client/Customer/Patient’s Name
City, State, Postcode

Dear Client/Customer/Patient

Can you do us a favour?

We have attached a copy of a performance evaluation form to this letter. We are sending these out to our entire client base to hopefully accomplish our continuing effort to improve.

We feel that this format will allow the best possibility of you being completely honest with us. You can keep the evaluation anonymous, or tell us who you are. It is up to you.

We would appreciate you spending a few minutes to let us know how we are doing. We promise that whatever the results are, good or bad, we will take immediate steps to correct the problems and expand the good!

There is a postage paid reply envelope enclosed. Please use it to mail back your response before [date], so we can compile the results.

In our next newsletter, we will publish the results, exactly as received. Then, we will all know the same information, and be able to work hard towards the future together!

Thank you for your time.



Please fill out as much of the form as possible. If you need more room, please add extra sheets as necessary.

We hope your complaints can fit in the envelope! (Just a little nervous humour there!)

Name is Optional

Name: ____________________________________________________________________

Sales Person: _______________________________________________________________

When did you become a client: ________________________________________________

How did you become a client: _________________________________________________

Please circle the choice that describes your OVERALL feelings about working with your representative and _________________________:

Satisfied           Dissatisfied      Neutral

In your own words, tell us the three things you like the best about ____________________:

  1. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

In your own words, tell us the three things you dislike the most about _________________:

  1. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What led you to decide to do business with _____________________ as your __________?


Has that expectation been met, and why or why not?


We are contemplating the establishment of a Client Continuing Education program. Please circle the items that you would be interested in, if any:

Client Meetings with Outside Guest Speakers

Lending Library

Video Education

Article Service (timely articles from newspapers and magazines)

Client Classes

Terms and Definitions of Products/Services

Have you ever referred anyone to us? ___________________________________________

How many? ____________

Why or why not? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Any other comments: ________________________________________________________


All I can tell you is that this is one of the smartest things we do. We’ve learned so many marketing secrets that have been incorporated in this volume, it’s just incredible!

The clients all respect us for getting their input, whether they like us or not.

They also liked that we were very candid in our whole approach.

Try it for yourself. You’ll be glad you did!