Marketing Secret #68 Have A Recommendation System

Yes, you have to have a system of getting recommendations. If you have not been getting all the recommendations you should be getting, then it is probably caused by using a system that is no system at all.

Do you know what a system is? It is any group of related activities that occur sequentially, and which have a predetermined set of actions to take, all leading to a goal. In other words, it is a planned series of steps that are adhered to and worked repeatedly.

Is going to lunch with a business associate you met a networking event a system? Is bumping into an old uni friend at Toys R Us, and getting her to come in to see you, a system?

These kinds of “recommendations” are the most common in any industry. They occur from being in the right place at the right time. Some people believe in the “better be lucky than good” method of doing business.

That’s fine for a handful. But, the remaining 97% of us had better have a system for everything, especially when it comes to getting recommendations.

Now, we’ve talked a lot about different ways to increase your recommendations; but since there is no one way to get them, we cannot talk about one technique. We can, however, talk about stringing together a series of techniques, starting a very important system to use and monitor. If one part doesn’t work, then you’ll have to fix it, or remove it from the system.

I am going to give you a recommended recommendation system to begin with. Feel free to modify it. But do use it, just to get something going. Check off the date you begin using this technique, as well as the date you begin to monitor it, using a statistical or other measuring device.

Date                                Date
Implemented                Monitored

___________________________      1. Bring in at least one outside professional a month for a
                                                                     recommendation conversation.

____________________________    2. Add outside services, which can be involved with #1 above.

____________________________    3. Establish a recommendation reward program.

____________________________    4. Send out a performance evaluation.

____________________________    5. Get involved with a charity.

____________________________    6. Send out press releases at least once a month.

____________________________    7. Start a quarterly Client/Customer/Patient Dinner program.

_____________________________  8. Develop educational workshops for

_____________________________  9. Start a monthly newsletter.

_____________________________  10. Make at least two concern calls a week.

_____________________________  11. Establish a lending library.

_____________________________  12. Use the new client/customer welcome technique in

_____________________________  13. Begin client/customer education programs.

_____________________________  14. Begin the Client/Customer of the Month program.

_____________________________  15. Start collecting articles to give out at the end of every                                                                                        meeting.

_____________________________  16. Get testimonials in writing.

_____________________________  17. Educate your staff/assistants at least once a month.

_____________________________  18. Review your office at least once a week for appropriate look                                                                            and stuff.

_____________________________  19. Get pictures of every client/customer.

_____________________________  20. Establish at least two Client/Customer Appreciation                                                                           Days a year.

_____________________________  21. Write a report or book.

_____________________________  22. Begin an article and testimonial book.

_____________________________  23. Make yourself accountable by thinking about                                                                                                      recommendations from every client/customer.

_____________________________  24. Keep track of every client/customer and professional                                                                           to see if they refer; if so, who; if not, find out why!

_____________________________  25. Learn at least one new, unusual business technique every                                                                                 quarter.

That should keep you busy for a couple of days! If you follow this system, you will never complain about recommendations again. I promise.

Also, just because I’ve given you 25 points doesn’t mean you should stop there. If you can think of a hundred, then do them all!