Marketing Secret #74 Using CD’s and DVD’s

A great way to improve the results of your prospecting is to use CD’s and DVD’s.

Lets discuss what we mean by using CD’s and DVD’s, and then give you some specific applications.

CD’s and DVD’s can be implemented for any of the following things:

  1. Your FREE reports can be recorded on CD.
  2. Information about how to do whatever it is you do can be a CD or DVD.
  3. Demonstrations of products and services you offer, for example, can be on DVD.

See, there are lots of applications to use CD’s and DVD’s that hardly any business people use at all.

One of the big misconceptions about CD’s and DVD’s is that they are very expensive to produce, which is not even close to the truth.

You can produce CD’s and DVD’s very inexpensively…for less than a few hundred dollars.

The reason and purpose to use these CD’s and DVD’s is that:

  1. They make you stand out from your competition since none of your competition will be using anything remotely like this type of a marketing tool.
  2. People do like to listen to CD’s in their car or watch DVD’s at home if they want to look at a demonstration.
  3. The CD’s give the prospect the ability to get to know you a little bit better. They’ll have a better understanding of what you’re all about because some people aren’t very good readers and they prefer to listen or watch. That’s why we have a proliferation of CD’s and DVD’s, because people do like to listen and watch.
  4. Giving people CD’s or DVD’s gives you the opportunity to make contact with them to stop by and pick up the CD or DVD you left with them.

This is a very simple technique that requires a script no more complication than: Hi, Mrs Prospect. This is Tina West from International Carpet Sales & Service. I was just calling to see if I can stop by and pick up the DVD I left about how to purchase museum-quality oriental rugs that increase in value and become heirloom investments while adding beauty and warmth to your home today. Would it be a convenient time for me to do so?

See, a simple script like that will usually open people to having you come over to pick up the CD.

When you go, if you don’t push and just act very friendly and service-oriented, some prospects will enter into a conversation with you about what was on the CD, or ask you some more questions. (Do you think you’d be able to set up an appointment in those cases?)

  1. People give CD’s and DVD’s to friends and neighbours to listen to. It happens all the time.

Using media is an excellent way to communicate to people information that you can reproduce over and over without you having to say it yourself over and over and over. And it’s a tool that has been proven to be effective in all kinds of markets, in all kinds of industries.

It’s a way to get recommendations without asking for them!

Now, the key about these CD’s and DVD’s is that they


See, if you offer the people a CD called “Buying CD’s”, “Leasing Your Luxury Car”…well, the titles are so boring, people won’t even want to listen to it.

And then, even if you have a decent title, if you record information like the following: “Linda graduated from University in 1974 with a degree in Art and a minor in Interior Design. She played on the volleyball team and was a wonderful participant in the student debate club. After graduating, Linda got her credentials in 1977 and has worked for the last 15 years as a personal designer the highest levels of creativity, integrity, and service.”

See, that type of information will bore people to tears, put them in a coma, and it’s the same crap that they expect to hear from everybody else.

Know that whatever you put on these CD’s must be interesting, fun, exciting and curiosity provoking so that people will listen to it, and they’ll want to know more after they hear or watch the CD.

Just like the previous secret where we talked about seminars, using CD and DVD’s is just a technique that most business owners won’t get involved in.

However, those that do, find it an incredibly powerful tool and find that the business received from using these inexpensive CD’s is worth hundreds of times the cost.

Another way to use CD’s very cheaply, but to great power, is when you do seminars, as mentioned in the previous secret.

Let’s say that you’re a CPA doing a seminar on: “How To Lower Your Plumbing Bill. Ten Tips To Keep You From Calling A Plumber That You Didn’t Know!”

When you do this seminar, make sure you have somebody record the seminar!

Now you have an instant CD product that you can use with your voice, and a live group of people laughing, and a very interesting interactive CD that you can reproduce very cheaply and use over and over and over again!

I know a lot of you may say that this isn’t for me, or it’s too much work, or I’m not going to do this because it’s too complicated.

Any of you who are thinking that way are limiting your income, because using CD’s is one of the best tools we’ve ever seen for marketing and making money.

Invest a few dollars and a few hours of your time, and your rewards will be paid handsomely.

We are living in an age of technology, you know.

And, prospects want things to be easy for them.

People like to get information delivered in ways to make it easy for them to see or hear.

Now, CD’s are not so much a high tech tool to create, but more they have the perception of being expensive and high tech.

And perception is someone’s reality.

If they perceive that you are making it easy for them to get the information, they will perceive that you are easy to do business with!

And letting them have that perception makes a huge difference in situations where you are in competition with other professionals!

(Do you think you’ll have many of those?)

Use CD’s as another Unique Selling Proposition, and continue to blow away all your competitors!