Marketing Secret #77 Make Concern Calls

Want a sure fire way to create the “Knockout Experience?”

Want to have your clients/customers/patients autumn over with positive shock?

If you’re in a business in which you first initially meet new clients, after your first meeting with somebody where you’ve gone through a “counselling” meeting, you’’ probably come to some sort of decision on what action the person will be taking next. You’ll also probably have found out about their life and one or more problems they’re facing.

How about giving this client/customer/patient a call the next day to express your concern over their problem, and ask if there is anything you can do to help before the next meeting. Tell them you were worried about them and just wanted to do something. If you have some ideas, share them with them.

No, you will not discuss your latest product or how the economy is affecting pricing, or what a mistake they’re making for not buying or using your product or service right now.

All you will talk about is them and their problem!

I assure you, if you do this right and not mention any sales crap, people will be blown away. You cared enough to check up on them and didn’t try to sell them anything! They will not believe it!

What do you think these people will tell their friends at dinner the next evening? How they met with a real professional who made a check up call to see if they were okay…and who didn’t try to “sell” anything!

Another concern call can be made after a client/customer/patient has experienced a bad time, such as a death in the family or a job loss. I have made these calls to see if they need anything, or if they would like to talk to someone objective, to feel free to give me a call.

You know what? Sometimes they do!

Another kind of concern call is one made after a baby is born or one to someone who is recovering from surgery. “Just called to wish you congratulations…or a speedy recovery, and to see if you’re okay. I was worried about you.” Get the idea?

A concern call is a little thing to do, but to some people, it is very big!

Once again, you are doing things that no one else will do. The concern call has made me a lot of friends, and a lot of money.

By the way, I don’t make the calls to make money. I make them because I really like people, and I am truly concerned for their wellbeing. Don’t try it just for the money. If you do, it will come off fake!