Marketing Secret #78 Lending Library

This is a very simple thing to do, but it can be very effective for client/customer/patient education.

As you collect materials for your reading, listening, and watching, establish a lending library for your client/customer/patients.

When you go out to see them, or they come in to see you, and you discuss a particular topic, lend them reference material on that subject.

You will find that client/customer/patient are surprised you’re doing this, and it makes you seem like you have a big operation, even if you don’t.

It will also help reinforce an idea that maybe you need some help reinforcing.

You can get all kinds of materials from product sponsors, from ads in trade journals, vendors, and from your own resources.

Make sure that the material you give out coincides with your opinions and practices. This means you will have to preview the material for yourself before lending it out.

You can even ask your client/customer/patient in some other marketing piece what information they would like to borrow, and make a big splash about what new information is in the library.

It is just one more weapon in your client/customer/patient service arsenal to stimulate referrals or recommendations.