Marketing Secret #79 Have The Right Stuff On The Walls And Your Bulletin Board

Some things I talk about are big, like being happy and proud to be in sales.

Other things aren’t quite so big, but they can still make a difference in your business.

This section is about what is on your walls. 

First of all, you should never have anything to do with a sales award or any such stuff anywhere in sight.

That means no awards or contests, or certificates about production, or the “Million Dollar Round Table”, or the “Sales Toppers” club, or anything even resembling a sales reward.

When I say nothing, I mean nothing!

I know how proud you are of your awards, and I know that I just said to be proud of being in sales. That doesn’t mean, though, that you communicate to client/customer/patients how much money you make.

Remember this. People do not want to hear how you won a trip to Hawaii for selling $3,000,000 in products or services.

They want a counsellor, remember?

They want an “advisor” that helps them make a good choice about products etc…

You do not need to have anyone see an award from your company!

What you should have displayed are any schooling certificates, diplomas, association memberships, speech awards, and so on.

Diploma type things look good.

Also, if you have a office type environment, you should have some professional or “official looking” books on a shelf or in a bookcase. I don’t care if you don’t even do anything with these, Ogilvy’s On Advertising, Not One Dollar More, and Comprehensive Guide To Buying (Whatever) look very impressive.

Try to have a neat appearance, but not too neat. Make the place look busy at all times. If you have any part-time help, have them come in at the same time client/customer/patients are in.

Always have some sort of play area for the kids if you can. Have some toys and kid’s books, colouring books, dolls etc.