Marketing Secret #82 Write A Book Or Report

As you have seen from many different marketing angles, you should have at least one original book or report that you have authored.

Now this secret can truly work for every business. If you’re in the retail business you can do a book or special report on how to buy products. If you’re in the service business, you can write on how to select a service professional. If you’re in the restaurant business, you can write on “How To Select A Good Restaurant” or “How To Get The Most Out Of Your Dining Experience”. And the list goes on and on.

The areas that this will help you with include, but are not limited to:

  1. Radio Talk Shows (Secret #73)
  2. Public Relations (Secret #72)
  3. Direct Response Marketing (Secret #40)

 And many, many more.

The title of the report should follow all the headline information you have been learning:

FREE Report Reveals How to Choose a Carpet Cleaner and Not Get Taken to the Bank!

Area Doctors Learn Simple Secret To Increasing Practice Income By Thousands…Without Increasing Caseload!

How To Avoid Making The Nine Deadly Mistakes People Make When Dining Out!

These are only a handful of ideas for a title. Substitute whatever message you want to give out, and start writing!

It doesn’t have to be a Pulitzer Prize piece of writing. It doesn’t have to be printed up real fancy. It doesn’t have to be expensive to send out.

It just has to deliver valuable information and tell people what you promised in your title!

You cannot give people a blatant sales pitch, but you don’t want to give them the complete answers, either. You have to find that middle ground…being informative, without “giving away the store”.

Everybody is always using some product literature, research, or brochure type materials to further their cause in search of the elusive client/customer/patient.

How often has somebody offered a free report or book that they wrote themselves?

Think about it, and see if you can visualise the power that comes from being an author of even a little report.

See how non-threatening it is for a prospect to get an informational piece that doesn’t remind them of anything they have ever received from a business.

The reports that the big companies make up look and feel like a product house made them up. There is no personality and no communication of a difference. If your company has a good piece, and you don’t want to duplicate its efforts, you must add something to the material that is unique to you…something delivering the “Why Me, Unique Selling Proposition” message. Don’t be lazy, using their stuff as is!

I know that you might like this idea, but feel that you don’t know enough to write a report or book. That is an excuse.

You know plenty.

Ask some of your existing clients/customers/patients to tell you what benefits they have received and make a report based on them! (Get testimonials to put in the report while you're at it!)

Work with other people in your business, put your heads together then split the work and the costs, if possible.

Read consumer publications and look at what people are writing about. You can make a variation of those articles in your own report.

Ask everybody you know about what they would like to read and then, write about it! (By the way, this doesn’t have to be done “in writing”. A video can be an amazing replacement – on the same topic!) But, a book will get you into another league, as far as all your marketing goes! You’ll be an author, instead of an adviser.

Your publicity will skyrocket if you promote the book to reporters as we suggest. Your credibility will go through the roof.

When people get your free reports, you can offer a copy of the book as an incentive to meet, or give it out at seminars or other public events.

You can give the book to outside professionals. If they read it, you will be in a very different place in their minds when you meet them!

Remember, if you only write three pages a day, in a month, you’ll have a 90 page book! Don’t say you can’t do this.