Marketing Secret #85 Intellectual Laziness

This is the hardest sin for us to get you guys to stop doing.

If you try to avoid becoming an expert in marketing, it says you don’t want it bad enough.

Avoiding laziness isn’t a penalty.

It doesn’t take extraordinary work to change. It just takes commitment and studying what is going on around you.

You must unlearn virtually everything you’ve been taught to get your mind into a different place. A place that allows you to accept the fact that just knowing how to do the basics is not enough!

Being successful is going to require that you become a Marketing Maniac; that you continue to study and learn everything you can about marketing and all aspects of your profession!

See, you must get to know how to get clients/customers/patients, and how to implement your continuing knowledge base to get even more clients/customers/patients!

Will it be hard keeping up with industry changes? Will it be hard to learn all about how technology impacts the way you do business and so on?

Of course, it will take extra reading, studying, or attending continuing education seminars.

But, if you want to get the most clients/customers/patients possible, you’ll have to become a self-taught expert and know more than any of your former competitors! (I say “former” because if you learn as much as you can about marketing, they aren’t competition to you)

There is no way around this.

I study, read and listen to tapes virtually every day.

I don’t do this because I want to do it. But I still do it because I know that I know more than most of my competitors, and by knowing more, and continuing to learn more I make more money!

What a coincidence!

So, please understand – whatever profession you’re in – you should always continue to learn and grow to be ahead of the game!