Marketing Secret #96 It’s Impossible To Fail!

“Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” Henry Ford

Let’s begin by starting off with a little exercise that has nothing to do with the specifics of making any kind of business work; yet has everything to do with making a business work!

What am I talking about?

Well, the actual idea is harder to express than it is to use an example, so I’ll tell you how it works through the form of a story about myself.

One day, back when I was living at my sister-in-law’s, failing with my mail order projects, and everything else I tried, I came to a realisation:

I might have to get a job!

Now, for some people, getting a job is not so terrible a thought, since that’s all they’ve ever known.

But for me, the thought of having to get a job, was like a sentence to get the gas chamber!


See, I had only had a couple of jobs in my life.

One lasted 4 months, when my boss told me I had to lie to clients, and I quit. I was in my late twenties with a $100,000 salary plus perks and bonus. I quit, because I couldn’t deal with a company that lied for its sales.)

The other job lasted about seven months, when the company went belly up, right after I started there.

See, I always knew that a job meant being a slave to other people’s whims, and paranoia, and selfishness, and greed, and jealousy, and mistakes, and so on.

I knew that being an indentured servant to someone else would produce nothing that I wanted out of life.

I always figured that with life being so short, why choose a life that requires all the major choices and potential for fun, to be in the hands of some small thinking boss?

I cannot give anyone the answers to the big mysteries of life.

Now some of you may think that because I’m more settled in and secure that that’s a luxury I have that you may not have.

When I was totally broke, I still felt this way and normally rejected things where I knew they weren’t right and could have brought me some money.

In the rare instances when I violated my own rules because I was broke, I ended up being sorry 100% of the time…still remaining broke because the deals fell apart.

If you’re not well capitalised right now, think about everything as if you were and you will be shortly. If you take anything that comes along because you need the money, you’ll be sorry every time, I promise.

Earl Nightingale said “you become what you think about”. If you think about yourself as a marketer who is bringing these assets to the table from the very beginning, you will become that very quickly.

If you don’t think of yourself that way, you will get sucked into all kinds of bad situations and it will take you far longer to become the marketer you want to be.

No boss or company is ever going to care what my life is all about. Which doesn’t mean that all bosses are bad, or whatever, it’s just that they are worried about themselves. Not me, or you!

And I knew that there was only one way to have a chance to see my dreams become a reality. And that was owning a simple business, run out of my home, that is very profitable, and not dependent on me being there every minute!

Quite a tall order, wouldn’t you say?
I had been told all along by everyone I knew that I was basically nuts for having such big dreams.

“You’re not going to find such a pipe dream.”, they would tell me. “Why don’t you just get a job, like everyone else?”

Well, back to my car, in my sister-in-law’s driveway.

I came back to her house after spending time at my brother-in-law’s friend’s, where I had my card table and telephone at. Trying, without success, to get something going.

The drive home was only ten minutes, but this particular day’s drive proved to be very important.

That morning I had gone to apply for a job, which turned out to be a multi-level marketing pitch, disguised as a job interview. (I have mentioned elsewhere that I will not get involved with, nor comment on any multi-level marketing.)

Anyway, I was pissed off, and discouraged, and very scared.

Scared that I’d go down the tubes for a second time. Scared I’d have no place for my kids to live and go to school.

But you know what scared me most of all?

Having to live a life of creative, and financial poverty, in some dead end job.

My mind started to wander as I sat in the driveway on that hot afternoon.

I began to close my eyes and I saw a picture in my mind’s eye.

Kind of like when you read a book, and see your own version of the movie running in your head.

I saw myself wearing office clothes in some big office building, standing in front of a copy machine. A big copy machine. The fluorescent lights cast an artificial looking brightness down on the lid of the machine.

I saw myself, opening the lid of the machine and putting a piece of paper down on the glass. As I started to close the lid of the machine, the image faded out of my mind.

I started crying. There I was, an adult, sitting in my sister-in-law’s driveway, crying like a little kid.

That image of me making copies for someone else was too powerfully revolting.

I couldn’t deal with it.

Then it happened.

Through my tears, I closed my eyes and saw something else.

I saw myself in a nice, new house.

I was sitting at a clean, white counter, with a beautiful fixture shining down on the space in front of me. There was a brand new oak table, with a big family room. There was an all brick fireplace on the far wall of the family room, going up twenty feet to the top of the cathedral ceiling.

I was putting down the newspaper, and walking over to the bright white, refrigerator. The kind with the huge doors and all the ice and water dispensers in the door.

I was very peaceful. I knew that I was selling something that minute, except I wasn’t selling it.

I knew that there was some one taking orders for me.

I wasn’t “at work”, like everyone else. I was home, with my kids.

Just then, the image burst apart and my sister-in-law arrived home. I waved at her, and wiped my eyes.

I had just discovered something that has stayed with me ever since.

At that moment, I decided that I would visualise that scene in my as yet not owned house, over and over, every day.

I decided that I was going to pick my own reality from the haze of my fantasies.

No one was going to stop me.

And I was not going to settle for a second rate version of the reality I was planning and dreaming about.

I was going to do something that everyone told me was pure insanity.

I was going to build my dream from the ground up, exactly the way I wanted it to be.

Now, you might think that a homeless family man with no money, and no income, might not have such grand aspirations.

Maybe I should have kept trying things, or got some sort of a job, and let the chips fall where they may.

Maybe I should have been happy to get anything going.

But, I wasn’t.

See, I knew that if I kept seeing my dream in my mind’s eye, and developed a plan to reach that dream, that there was no way on Earth I couldn’t achieve it.

Now mind you, I had zero clue exactly how this was going to happen.

My books were still selling poorly at best, and I had no other viable way to make money.

My credit cards were almost maxed out, and the end sure looked like it was upon me.

But I saw my little movie in my mind, all day long.

And you see what happened.

Dr Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich”, wrote about a concept called “Definiteness Of Purpose” almost seventy years ago.

This concept, as defined by Dr Hill, is basically the idea of knowing in your heart of hearts that you are going to reach your goal, whatever it may be. It’s the idea of being so crystal clear, and centred on your purpose, that it is just a matter of time before you achieve it.

Now it doesn’t mean that you are required to be a workaholic, with no family life, or fun and games. Not at all. Definiteness Of Purpose means that you are so clearly on track, that you will have the attainment of these personal goals of life as part of your masterfully designed plan, as well!

Definiteness of Purpose is a subconscious determination that is not spoken about, out loud. No, if you talk about it, it will not happen. A Definiteness Of Purpose must be held in the subconscious mind, to constantly fuel the conscious mind.

And for me, I needed to “watch” myself achieving my goals to keep my Definiteness Of Purpose on track.

It’s a pretty sure fire way to keep the motivation level you need when things don’t seem so hot.

And I assure you, that without this Definiteness Of Purpose, your chances of success are greatly reduced, and the chance of basic to complete failure, is very high.

Which leads me to another topic.


Everyone I knew thought I was a failure.

I mean, living on relative’s couches with no job, is not high on the list of successful people’s accomplishments.

How many successful people do you know who are homeless, jobless and in debt up to their yin-yang?

Not many.

See, that’s how everyone I knew thought of me. A total failure and embarrassment.

Now, I agreed with them, but only to a point.

I changed the concept in my mind – not ever telling anyone what I was doing, because it would only feed the flame of discouragement from them.

See, I did not consider myself a failure.

I considered myself a success, who was going through a temporary setback period.

See the difference?

I hope you do, because the attitude I had is the difference between staying on the relative’s couches, and living the life I now have.

If I admitted defeat, I would have been defeated, and a certifiable failure.

I knew that by adopting the attitude that I was a success, combined with my Definiteness Of Purpose, that true failure was impossible.

I also learned that failure isn’t even a valid concept.

No, results are what you get when you try something. Not success or failure.

So when my results weren’t good, then I had to keep moving ahead until the results were what I wanted.

Innately, I knew that bad results did not mean I was a failure or a loser.

No, I knew that bad results were temporary, and good results were there waiting for me!

Now please keep in mind that this Definiteness Of Purpose is not some motivational mumbo jumbo I picked up from one of those tapes I used to buy.

No, all that motivational stuff is like candy.

The sugar gets you high for a few minutes, but then it wears off, and you’re back to where you started from.

This whole concept is just true for everyone.

It’s not motivation, or incentives.

It’s the truth.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with listening to guys like Tony Robbins, or whomever.

I used to all the time.

But none of this inner conviction came from the tapes.

It came from the movie in my mind’s eye!

I tell you all this, because I want you to understand just how bad I was before I got things fixed.

It your circumstances are in a similarly bad state, don’t give up.

Even if you’re not near as bad as I was, you still can’t give up.

You will get what you want, if you apply this Definiteness Of Purpose to your own life.

Now, you have an advantage I didn’t have until I almost ran out of fuel.

Now, you have the knowledge I developed.

You also now have the tools and the assistance necessary to make things happen with positive results.

You have many advantages I never knew about until I wasted tens of thousands upon thousands of dollars, and month after month of poor results. You have everything you need, right here in front of you!

Okay, now we’ve talked a bit about setting your mind to succeed, and the lack of any possibility of having failures.

Remember, you only get results; no failures!

Good results. Poor results. Just results.

As the title of this secret implies, there is no such thing as failure.

There’s only results.

Which also means there is no such thing as success, either.

Only results.

If your results are good, you’ll tend to make lots of money sooner.

If your results are bad, it just means it’s going to take a little longer to get good results.

But that’s it.

No more thinking about failure.

Only rational analysis of your results. If they’re good, DO MORE OF IT!


But don’t get yourself stuck in some useless self-defeating image of yourself as a failure.

It doesn’t help, it isn’t productive…and since there’s no such thing as a failure, HOW CAN YOU BE ONE??? You must only be experiencing some temporary bad results. No problem. Just get off your butt and change what didn’t work until you find the things that do work. It’s just timing. (By the way, do you know that the difference between salad and rubbish is nothing more or less than TIMING!) Keep going, and find your good results! They’re out there!

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