Marketing Secret #97 Be A Tough, Loving And Nagging Parent!

When people hire you, they usually want you to be their parent, so to speak. I really mean it.

I hear people telling me that customers/clients/patients have to be treated with kid gloves. That you have to bend to their whims and wishes.


When someone hires you to help them, they do it because they either can’t, or won’t do it themselves.

So, when you are working with them, you have to take control. Let them know that you will be just like a benevolent parent who will watch out for them, and who will “yell” at them when they don’t listen.

I tell my clients that I have a propensity to nag them and stop the frustration they feel about procrastinating. I assure them that I will bug them continuously until they implement whatever it is they set out to do.

Guess how many people I have turned off with this approach, in all of these years?

That’s right, none.

I am not obnoxious about my role, but I make sure that people know that I know how many things they will ignore if not “reminded.”

I actually tell them that I will “yell” at them if they don’t do their chores.

They laugh, and I do too. But I mean it.

I won’t actually raise my voice, but I will be stern and strongly urge them to do what they have to do.

Believe me, people will like you for it. Especially if they know that you bug them about everything, not just on things you make money on!

You need to be their consultant who helps them do what they want to do!

Don’t think you’ll be nagging.

People really appreciate the concern, and they will mention it to others for unsolicited referrals!

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