Guide to Chatbot Messenger Marketing

Your automated communication strategy


Introduction to Messenger Marketing & Chatbots

Welcome to the first video of this chatbot series! Here, Andrea Anderson and Mike Hillsdon formally welcome you to the world of messenger marketing using chatbots.

Why are you here to know more about chatbots?

There could be many reasons as to why you are keen on knowing more about chatbots. In this video, we look at some of the potential WHY(s).

Where do chatbots fall under in the Marketing Blueprint?

Discover where chatbots fit in the grand scheme of your overarching marketing strategy with the help of a Marketing Blueprint. 

What is a chatbot?

In this video, we will be explaining what the term "chatbot" actually means and what it can accomplish for your business.  

Chatbots - its potential and benefits

Understand the potential of deploying a Messenger chatbot as part of your marketing strategy and how it can bring value to your business. 

Step 1: Create Messenger Master Plan

In this video, we will explain the essential components in a Messenger Master Plan and how they will form the pillars of your chatbot architecture.

Want to Learn More?

We know the idea of chatbots can be a little intimidating but that's why we created this chatbot video training to help you! If you have enjoyed watching the first part of our chatbot video training and you are keen on leveraging chatbot marketing for your business growth, fill in the form to instantly access the rest of our chatbot video training. 

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