Marketing Mistake #4 

Boring Marketing - puts you and your clients to sleep

Consider for a moment: What appeals to your human nature?

We all appreciate joy, laughter, and the presence of happiness in our lives!

The key lies in human interaction. Envision the strategic fusion of humour with compelling messages that not only resonate, but prompt immediate action, promoting inquiries, or visits! 

Effective Marketing Creates Interest

Innovative thinking is essential. For instance, individuals in financial services often submit materials for our review, presenting brochures that articulate concepts, such as...

“Planning retirement: We here at  XXXCompany of the  XXXXDept believe that planning for retirement is one of the critical objectives in securing your future.  There are many different ways to meet your future financial needs..."

blah, blah, blah, blah …

This appears excessively formal and boring, to the extent that even a mildly interested individual would likely disengage from the start.

Now, you must ask yourself...

Is the content you're promoting boring?

Among the notable errors made by professionals is the assumption that what captivates them aligns with the interest of potential or existing clients.

Recognise that individuals are primarily motivated by self-interest and their own challenges. Their focus is on the personal relevance of your offerings, rather than what you find intriguing. 

According to Carl Galletti, a distinguished direct marketing copywriter, individuals are essentially tuned into a singular station,


Yes, just like you, others are inclined to seek what holds personal value for them.  Acknowledging their inherent self-interest becomes pivotal in centralising all aspects of your marketing strategy.

You only have a couple of seconds to get their attention.

Should your message hold potential interest, you might secure their attention for a fleeting moment. However, capturing attention alone is insufficient; it pays to have sustaining engagement with compelling and interesting content.

The eminent copywriting expert, Dan Kennedy, asserts that infomercials represent one of the most challenging media formats.

Visualise the scenario where your prospective clients are seated before you, wielding a remote control. Envision the heightened pressure, recognising that any lapse in engagement might prompt them to point, click, and zap you out of their attention span in mere seconds.

Here's a secret...

Consider this scenario carefully because your marketing parallels the same pressure.

Should your potential clients become disinterested, they won't merely click off you; instead, they may completely discard your material or move on to the next page.  Remember, boring marketing is overlooked marketing.

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