Marketing Secret #25 – THE REAL MISSION

Now is the time to take a very detailed walk through of the entire psychology of what we are doing and why we are doing things the way we do.

Let’s start with the entire basis for marketing in the first place.  In other words, what are we trying to accomplish?  (I know that sounds like a stupid question and you’re probably wondering if I’ve had a couple of quiet ones on the side or something!)

No, really!  What exactly are we trying to accomplish when we market?  You see, if we truly understand what we are trying to accomplish, we have a million times better chance to actually get what we want.  So, let’s walk this through, step-by-step.


When you think about it, there can be several different options on what the desired result of any marketing can be.  They can be things like:

  1. Selling a product or service
  2. Making appointments
  3. Getting people to come into your place of business
  4. Getting people to let you come over to their house
  5. Bringing telephone calls to you
  6. Having prospects take your calls
  7. Enticing prospects to receive a report
  8. Getting them to come to a seminar, etc.

And, with this variety of possibilities, comes a corresponding array of methods to consider in order to get the results we want.  And there are no right or wrong answers.  Only right or wrong ways to find the answers.

That’s what this is all about.  How to find the answer!  The answers that will allow the most efficient and cost-effective marketing that works for you and your business.

You see, many of us still don’t know what we are trying to accomplish.  Yes that’s true.  What I mean by that is, we make mistakes over and over again.  Mistakes that come from not knowing what we are trying to do.

Mistakes that cause marketing efforts to be frustrating and unproductive, because we don’t understand the mission.  It’s like being sent out with some bombs on our wings and not being quite sure what we are supposed to do with them.

Should we drop them, or pretend to drop them, or threaten to drop them?  Or should we sit on the runway and wait for the enemy to come to us?  Or whatever.

See, for most of us in business, we think that we have a mission of selling products and services to generate commissions/money!


We’ve been brainwashed to think of our job as that of a “Money Generator.”

This my friends, is WRONG!

After all, if selling products or services was so easy, why are so many of us not making anywhere near the income we should be?

Let’s establish one fact that I’ve already talked about quite a bit and one I’ll continue to talk about all the time:


See, we all make the mistake of thinking that our mission is selling.  This mindset is similar to a fisherman thinking that his mission is to eat fish! No! His mission is to catch fish first, which will allow him to eat all the fish he wants!

And, your mission is to get clients/customers/patients first, which will allow you to have them buy or sell all the products and services you want!  Make sense?

See, in today’s totally sceptical society, if you go after the “kill” too soon, you will starve!

A fisherman can’t try to eat the fish without catching them first!  Could you imagine him trying to eat one that hasn’t even been brought into the boat yet? And so it is with you!

You cannot expect to “eat” the “fish” until they’ve been brought into your boat!

Which of course, means that you have to follow this sequence of fishing to get them “into the boat”.

  1. Get prospects to respond to some sort of lead generation method(s)
  2. Have the prospects receive FREE reports or other interesting information

For Sales People

  1. Follow up with additional mailings, emails, or phone calls
  2. Interview them and find out what they want to do
  3. Prepare some sort of plan of action, showing them how to get what they want
  4. Present the plan and have them buy from you

For Retail Businesses

  1. Get them to come into your place of business
  2. Show them the benefits of your products or services
  3. Have them buy your products or services

For All

  1. Get referrals without begging or annoying the clients/customers/patients!

Study and memorise this sequence!

It is the fastest, easiest, least threatening way to make more money than ever before!

See, this is your mission.  To get people to respond, to make appointments, to become clients/customers/patients to buy your products or services and to refer!

Getting clients/customers/patients in the first place is the name of the game.

When your marketing machine is running full speed, all you should care about is getting new clients/customers/patients and selling more stuff to them, and the referrals they bring in!

When you get new clients/customers/patients like a clock ticking away the hours, and you know what your average dollars per clients/customers/patients are, then you won’t care about one guy or another, because your marketing machine is taking care of you!

For example, let’s say that the average client/customer/patient is worth $2,000 in revenue.  And, if you know that one out of every five clients/customers/patients will blow you off at some point, then you’ll make $8,000 for every five clients/customers/patients you get!  Right?

And let’s say you are in sales and close one out of every two prospective clients/customers/patients.  So if you need five clients/customers/patients a month, you need to see at least ten of them a month.

And if your marketing machine is rolling along, providing you with your ten responses a month from new people, then you’re home free!

Why?  Because you won’t ever be tempted again to try and pressure or “close” anyone.

You’ll simply meet with your ten people, listen to them, close your 50% and make your $100k + per year!

You won’t care if this guy or that guy does or doesn’t do anything!  You know your numbers.

The same would be true if you have a retail business.  Here you would run an ad or a promotion.  Let’s say you get 30 people to respond to your FREE report.  Out of those 30 people, let’s say 15 decide to come into your store and do business with you.  Here once again, you have a predictable way of determining how many people will do business with you.  You know your numbers.

You know your mission!

Get clients/customers/patients and the rest will take care of itself!

Imagine not feeling all that anxiety and stress

Imagine even further the joy in going to your business and doing your job, because it’s predictable and completely void of all that typical selling crap!

As long as you know that your mission is to get clients/customers/patients you’ll be in a whole new world!

Let me give you a more concrete example of not understanding the mission, to contrast what I just told you.

I had a client.  Yep, had.  He wasn’t interested in changing his prospecting methods but preferred to run ads that will get people to respond to him and buy his services on the spot.

He wasn’t interested in fooling around with FREE reports or seminars, etc.  He needed to make money right now!  So he wanted ads that will get people to respond and buy instantly.

Let me ask you a question.  What do you believe the mission of the ad should be?  Should it be, as this member wants to use it?  Or should it be to make prospects feel curious about something?  Curious enough to want to receive a report that will tell them more about what’s raised their interest?

You see, I believe it is expecting way too much, to have an ad do all the selling for you.  WAY TOO MUCH!  You’re asking the prospective client/customer/patient to make a whole bunch of decisions in one fell swoop.  Basically you’re asking them to:

  1. Notice the ad
  2. Read the ad
  3. Respond to the message
  4. Make an effort to meet with you or come to your place of business
  5. Decide that they really are ready to buy your product or service

That’s a lot of stuff to have happen in one move.  The likely (and, almost always, actual) result is, since there is so much involved, people will ignore your pitch in great numbers and with great vigor!

See, what I mean?  We are all so caught up in how great we think we are, that we forget that our prospects have families, schedules, work, gym, bowling, and so on.

What if we took the same ultimate goal and broke it down into smaller and more easily managed pieces?  Like using an ad to simply attract the people, who are interested in something.  And then, when they get the report or whatever you’ve offered, have it be a non-threatening, empathy building piece.

Do you see the difference?  In my opinion the ads should only be used to do one thing:


That’s it.  Period.  Take it one step at a time.  Let’s get them to do a little task.  Then, we’ll move on to the next step.

So, the mission of the ad is simply to get the ball rolling.  To get a spark ignited.  Slowly.  Without asking too much.  The ad’s job is relatively harmless, yet crucial to the sequence.

What kind of ad will work for this first step?  What will work to serve its purpose as well?

Well, you’ve already seen samples of these kinds of ads.

Because the ad’s mission is to get a response, we need to find a way to stir up as much curiosity as possible.  Since we know that news-style ads with headlines have worked over and over, why not use them to deliver a report?  Notice that the ad should cause people to be curious about the report, not YOU.

Now, you send them a killer, long letter or email that builds trust and empathy.

The mission of the letter or email is to get prospects interested in hearing more from you, either in person, or through another (letter or email) or at a seminar, or stopping by.

Then, if you are in sales, follow up the letter with a phone call. The mission here is to gently nudge people, or to remind them of the seminar date.

Next, follow up with another letter, or postcard, or two more letters and a postcard, or whatever.

Each step has a particular mission.  Each step is designed to build on the previous step.  Each step is doing no more than it need do, to work towards the ultimate goal.

If we go for the “sale” right away, we’re going to lose all those people who might eventually become clients/customers/patients.  People, we’ve blown off with our “sales” mentality.

Does this make sense?

What we are doing with these steps is gently entering the prospect’s mind, without asking him or her for more than they’re ready to handle.

You notice I said, that they’re ready to handle.  Not what you want them to be ready to handle!

Keep in mind that we work with this stuff so much, that we forget to understand the prospects’ viewpoint.  They need to be coaxed into a level of understanding at a pace they can absorb.  Not your pace – THEIRS!  This is the key!

When we try to push prospects along before they are ready to move to the next square, we run the risk of turning them off.  For good.  Remember, we were the intruder into their life, not the other way around.  If they are sensing things are moving too fast, they will shut you down.  Simple.

Prospects control the pace – not us.  That’s why using the step-by-step marketing models are so critical to success.  And that’s why we need to test our assumptions before we roll out the big guns.

You should make a model for yourself on every attack you set up.  You may need to revise your model, as you test it.  And in most cases, you will find that you must use multiple steps.

Now some of you may be thinking, “Wait a second.  As usual, you are trying to slow me down.  I don’t see why we have to go through all these steps.  Why, at seminars I go to, they show us all kinds of ways to handle objections.  If you were any kind of a sales rep, you would be able to get the appointments and close without all this rigmarole!  You need…”

No, I don’t need to learn to be an expert at handling objections.  You need to learn that if you use a sequence approach, the need for handling objections is reduced to virtually zero!

And this is the whole point.  When we take the time to see life from our prospects’ eyes, we will know how to slide into their life, with them welcoming us in.  This is why the multi-step models work infinitely better than traditional sales pitches.

Think about the power of being able to figure out what gets someone interested.  It means you have the ability to control their behaviour if you understand them well enough.  It also means you’ve tapped into a well that can flow for long periods of time.  It means you have reversed the whole marketing process to your advantage.

By not marketing from your vantage!

So, don’t forget, the mission is to get clients/customers/patients.  Which is going to happen by following the marketing sequence, without skipping steps!

If there was a magic formula that would produce instant clients/customers/patients with only one-step marketing.  I’d love to use it too.  But since human nature is what it is – human nature – we must flow with it.  And flowing with it means that each step in the process must only do what it’s asked to do and no more.

Once you embrace this concept, your marketing machine will crank into high gear, now and for always!  Why?  Because people will feel comfortable and trust you, because you didn’t push them too fast.

If they feel they can trust you because your marketing gave them that feeling from the non-threatening multi-step approach, you have automatically eliminated all the so-called former competition!

Because they won’t get this.  They’re still thinking the old way.  That way just doesn’t work.

But now you know the real Secrets of marketing success!

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