Marketing Secret #28 The Most Important Emotion To Create If You Want People To Respond To You!

What is the single most important element that leads to responses?  Do you know what this amazing Secret it?

Well, do you?

Before I give you the answer, I want to give you some examples from other media sources that know how to use this Secret very, very well.

I’ll bet you have seen or heard these types of things before:

Credits from ER are rolling on the screen as the announcer says, “Breaking news! Terror attacks brings Paris to a standstill!  Details coming up on Channel 7 News, next!

Cover of Reader’s Digest says, “Slim by Summer,” Ten Ways To Relieve Stress,” “Get Organised Now!”

Radio Announcer says, “This month’s Business Report reveals which CEO’s took the most money with the worst corporate performance!  Is your boss one of them?”


And so on.  Are you figuring out what I am getting to here?  Yes…

I am showing you teasers.

Teasers are necessary for publishing or broadcasting to generate something that every one of us has deep inside us.

Curiosity!  (Yes we are nosey as hell, whether you want to admit it or not).

Think about why news and publishing media use these teasers.  Is it because they feel they are “professional” statements?  No, I don’t think so.  I think the reason they use them over and over and over again is that they:

Get responses like crazy!

They know something that most advertisers and marketers have zero clue about.  They know, if someone is curious, the person will be compelled to take some action in an attempt to satisfy their lust for nosiness.

Now, wouldn’t you want your marketing copy to be so compelling that people would be ripping your message with their teeth to find out what it’s all about?  I’ll bet you would!

Let me tell you what Reader’s Digest does for every single issue they publish, to build up the most curiosity possible.  They pick their stories months in advance and assign titles to them.  Titles for the Table of Contents.  Then, they bring in focus groups to pick from more than a dozen titles to put on the paper cover that you see on top of each magazine.

For example, if a story is called, “Lower your weight by reducing your fat!” they will probably end up with a cover title something like, “Amazing fat loss diet!” or “Six steps to quick weight loss!”, or “Dr. reveals simple diet to lose weight without cutting calories!”.  The point is that the real title is too “professional” to get much attention.  So, the people at Reader’s Digest know they have to tease you to get you to pick up the magazine at the checkout counter.  Keep in mind, Reader’s Digest is one of the most successful publications in the world.  So let’s listen to their wisdom!

If you have any doubts, please get rid of the notion immediately that only “low quality” people are curious.  I’ll say it one more time.  Everybody’s nosy.  Everybody wants to be “let in” on something they think other people know.  Everybody wants to be “in the know”.  We all feel rejected and like an outsider if we are “the last to know”.

And so, when we, as Marketing Maniacs have sufficiently stimulated people’s curiosity, they have no choice but to follow our instructions about how to get clued in!

Yes, they respond!

So, what do we have to do to create this curiosity?  How can we apply it to any business?  What medium should we use?

Well, let’s start with when you can peak curiosity.  Actually, the list is endless, but some good examples would be:

  1. Print ads, postcards and coupon mailers
  2. Telemarketing
  3. Clients/customers/patients newsletters

And so on.  As a matter of fact, most of the 101 Secrets can be implemented using curiosity.  Since I can only cover a few here, let’s move on to some specific examples:

  1. Print ads and headline-type mailers. Your headline must be the primary teaser.  Studies have shown that 90% of the effectiveness of an ad is due to the headline!  Why?  Because you only have a split second to get someone’s attention, and if it creates curiosity, it might just hold their attention enough to read the ad.  Anyway, let’s review some headlines that don’t create curiosity:

“Top Sales Person”

“Number One For All Your Business Needs”

“Best Tasting”


“Tough As Nails”

“The Biggest Is Also The Best”

“Plumbing Problems”

In case you can’t figure out why these headlines stink, it’s because they create no curiosity!  (These are all real ads from my local paper).

  1. With a client/customer/patient newsletter, promise me you won’t explain technical matters or say things like: “We’ve sold more products and services than all the competition!

Instead use the newsletter to create curiosity.  For example:

… and we’d like to congratulate last month’s Client of the Month, John and Betty Smith! Both they and a couple of their friends had a lovely dinner at Gino’s and went to see the play “The Lion King”.  Congratulations!  Watch next month for the winner of the Client of the Month award!”

Are you getting the message?  Do you think people might want to know how to become client/customer/patient Of The Month?  Or, what goes on at these dinners?  Do you think you might get some better action from your current clients/customers/patients or prospects receiving this, as opposed to an explanation of why your company’s representatives are the best?

Can you think of other things that might stimulate curiosity like:

  1. Testimonials that tell what you did, but not how you did it?
  2. Seminars that show what can be done, but not how you do it?
  3. Articles that talk about what can be done, but not how to do it?
  4. Telling professionals in related fields what you do, how many clients/customers/patients you get, making them thirst to find out, but not telling them how they can do it?
  5. If you’re in sales – speaking at a meeting and explaining what that group should be aware of, but not how to accomplish it?

There are a number of things you can apply that create curiosity for your clients/customers/patients.  Remember you are truly helping people while luring them at the same time!

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