Marketing Secret #29 Don’t Apologise Or Make Excuses For Being Truly Excellent At What You Do!

“If the dogs are barking at your heels, you know you’re leading the pack” – Talmud

This is so important!

When you strive to succeed, some people will not like it. When you strive to succeed, some people will talk about you.

When you become successful, some people will criticise and complain about you.

When you are successful, some people may decide not to like you any more.

Some competitors may get upset with you about your advertising.

Some competitors may get upset with you about those hard-hitting reports!

These are definite signs that your marketing is working.

Can you handle it?

Can you handle envy, criticism, and competitors who snipe at you?

Will you get cold feet?

Will you apologise for demonstrating precision and excellence?

Will you turn tail and run for the hills?

We hope not.

Please take this little reminder as a guide to one of the troubling areas in life:

Unsuccessful and petty people trying to drag you down successful, or soon to be successful people.

It’s going to happen to you, as soon as you make the decision to handle it, by basically ignoring it.

That’s a fact of life I’ve faced and continue to face. But I don’t care what others think. I’m interested in what my clients/customers/patients think!

I just wanted to warn you. Being a successful marketer brings resentment from small thinking people. And, since there are so many small thinkers, you’re bound to run into them now and again.

Take Action today and stay in CONTROL of your Marketing!

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