Marketing Secret #7

If It Looks Like Advertising, Most People Tune Out And Don’t Read It!

Pardon me!

But, I’ve gotta get something cleared up here.

The biggest mistake …

The worst idea …

The craziest myth…is the suggestion that “good advertising” should have pretty pictures, slogans, plenty of white space and sound like this: “We are ABC Computer Services promise to provide you with the highest quality service.

Every year, hundreds of millions of dollars are wasted by businesses on colourful and expensive advertisements and brochures. Most are filled with clever slogans, promises of quality, integrity and service, with the same old grocery list of features that everybody else offers.

Is it any wonder why most advertising doesn’t get any decent responses?

Everyone looks, feels, sounds, tastes and smells the same!

Please get offended by this!

Every week I get business cards, brochures, websites etc. from businesses all across the country.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that the time and cost of preparing this kind of “image advertising” is not cheap. 
In my conversations, I hear price quotes ranging from several hundred to tens of thousands of dollars to get full-colour personal marketing brochures done!

The problem?

You could change the names and pictures and nobody would know the difference between most brochures!

The same is true of business cards.

The same is true of social media ads.

Do you get the point here?

Because, if everybody’s marketing tools say similar things or use similar photos, there is nothing different about you … why people should respond and hire you over your competitors in your field?

The purpose here is to help, not to criticize.

In no way am I criticising or pointing fingers at anyone for preparing a good looking brochure. The fact that you have invested your time,
effort and hard-earned money to prepare a brochure or other marketing tools, shows that you are trying your very best to attract your client to see why you’re better than the “average” bear.

The problem is: everyone else is doing it too!

You need to continually learn new and different ways to get noticed.

You need to learn how to have clients so curious that they respond to you!

My purpose here is for you to see and understand why a lot of the traditional “image advertising” techniques used by most businesses, are not getting you anywhere near the kind of responses you could get by using new and different ways of marketing and advertising.

The problem with all this “traditional” advertising is that it looks, feels and smells like advertising.

And advertising is ignored by people with great vigour. Bragging about how great you are, or how big your company is, or how much you
care, usually ignored!


Before we start talking about the proven, most cost-effective type of marketing, you must grasp the concept of this secret:

If you spend money on any marketing, and it isn’t designed to get immediate responses, don't spend the money!
You might as well donate the money to a worthy cause. 
You won’t get leads by donating money either, but at least you’ll be doing something good with your money!

See, the only “rule” of marketing is to determine whether it works or doesn’t work - to see if you get back more from your marketing than you spend on it.

How it “looks” is irrelevant.

Worrying about whether or not it meets the approval of your peers is irrelevant.

Wondering if competitors like it is irrelevant.

Yes, the only thing that matters is whether your Soon-To-Be Clients Like it!

As long as they do, and as long as they respond to your ad, who cares what anyone else thinks?

So, if you want your advertising to look like everyone else’s and have all the pretty pictures that don’t make any difference, that’s up to you.

On the other hand, if you don’t care what your advertising looks like and are only interested in ethical and profitable results, you’ll love using this new approach!

Because the best advertising is advertising that works!  Looks and image have nothing to do with successful advertising!

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