Marketing Secret #92 Stop Procrastinating and Get Moving! 

One of the biggest problems I see from people I talk to every day is that they want to make more money, but they struggle to get started!  

Why is this? Why do you think people have such a hard time getting the ball rolling?  

Well, I have my own reasons why I think people don’t get going, and I’ll hopefully be able to give you some ideas to help you move ahead.

Warning! This is a RANT!  

The first thing I want to discuss is what I think is the number one reason people don’t make changes in their life.  

Because, let’s face it, most of us are not very happy with the way our lives go. I know from my own experiences just how miserable life can be or feel at times.  

I know what it’s like to feel like you have no real hope, no prospects for a better life, no way out.  

I also know that all those feelings are nothing more than that. Feelings. Thoughts. All those doubts and fears are self-created, self-imposed, and self-induced.
And since they are brought into our lives by ourselves, they can just as easily be removed. Banished. Disposed of forever. So, let’s talk about what causes these feelings that prevent you from getting what you want, and from going where you want to go!    

In my opinion, there is a huge difference between wanting things to get better, from wishing things would change…and really expecting things to get better and change!  
See, anyone can voice a wish or desire for something. Anyone can say they want things to be better or different.  

But merely expressing the words won’t do it. No, there has to be a fundamental change in your thinking if you are to get somewhere new.  

See, all of us have two forms of psychological baggage that we may have ingrained in our minds. One kind comes from the years of brainwashing that we receive from our parents and from society in general.  

The other type is from our own thoughts, unaided by outside influence.  

Yes, the negativity we seem to attract is just as much from our tradition of negativity as it is from our own personal way of viewing the world.  
See, many of us allow our thinking to flow into the easiest type of thinking there is. Negative thinking is easy because if see ourselves as being less successful than we want, we can validate our thoughts by never taking any actions that could possibly lead us to a different, more positive conclusion.   The age-old self-fulfilling prophecy is alive and well!  
If our minds tell us that we cannot be happier and more successful, our actions that follow those thoughts will assure that we cannot achieve a new way of life. So, it’s easy to continue being the way we’ve always been, because we rationalise that’s all we deserve.  


I’m convinced that there’s a simple technique that anyone can do to make this negative, pre-determined agenda of little success, go away forever.  
It’s a technique that I learned on my own, and only after years of being miserable and unfulfilled. A technique that sounds so simple, and really is simple, if you let yourself be open to its beauty and wonder. It’s a technique that forces you to stop living in another place and time. To live in the present.   Let me explain. It’s been my experience that most people are waiting for some event or thing to happen, when they’ll finally be happy.  

You know, like “When I get rich, then I’ll be happy!”  Or, “When I get a new job, I’ll be happy!”   Or, “Things used to be so good when my spouse was here.” Or, “When we had that business, that’s when things were great!”  

Always living in the future or past. Not being right here, right now!  
See, you are right here, right now! You have to become aware of the present. You have to start living in today’s world. Not some far off, distant future!  

What I mean is that you have to relish the current moment, your current feelings, good or bad, and be aware that what you are feeling at the moment is a message you have to pay attention to.  

You cannot ignore what your heart and mind are telling you that you have to do. Not if you want to really make a change. Not if you sincerely do want something better.  

As I see it, this avoidance method of living for a better time, instead of living here and now, is the root of the inability to change, to get something new going. Why? Well, if you are focusing on some other time when you will be, or you were happy, how can you also focus on what you have to do now to make things happen?    

Our minds cannot focus the energy we have into two totally separate places. Either you’re living in the future, the past, or the present! But you cannot be living in more than one! Your mind isn’t built that way. It can only deal with what is being asked to handle.  

So, if you’re waiting for a day when things will get better, I’ve got news for you, that day won’t come, because unless you start living here and now, you won’t be able to have the awareness of what changes you must make to get to that better place in the future! Once you achieve a state of awareness of being in the present, you will notice a change in you begin to emerge. You’ll start seeing things for what they really are. You’ll see that love and beauty are all around you, even if you’re broke or stuck in a job you hate or whatever.  

You’ll see that you are, well, what you are. You’ll see your good points, your strengths, your experience, your knowledge and your ability to be happy. You’ll also see your faults and drawbacks and mistakes you’ve made. Either way, by being aware of the present, and who you are…you will now be able to make meaningful changes!  

How can you make changes, if you don’t recognise what really needs to be changed? Right?  

See, it isn’t that hard to get going. It isn’t that hard to say, “Okay. I’ve seen what doing what I’m doing now has gotten me. It’s time to take action, to make changes!” Especially when you are truly aware of yourself, and no longer wish for change but now expect a change!  

Once you switch from blind hope, to specific expectations, you’ll see the path to your new life. You’ll stop procrastinating. You’ll stop making excuses.  

Instead, you’ll start doing the things that you need to do!  

You’ll get the courage to talk to some people you might not otherwise have felt strong enough to. You’ll have the conviction to seek out people who can provide you with a product idea. You’ll feel confident enough to write a small ad, and actually place it!  

And that’s what I want everyone to understand. It is easy. Making money isn’t hard. Selling products and services is as simple as anything could be.  

We’ve done the hard part. We’ve tested and proven EXACTLY how to make thousands of extra dollars a day. Now, you’ve got to do the easy part…  

Get out there and do it!  

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