Marketing Mistake #10 

Relying on Image Ads and Name Recognition Alone

If you ever inquire among peers in your industry about the effectiveness of their marketing spending,
chances are you'll hear a familiar response.

"I have no clue; most of my business comes from referrals and recommendations."

Now, if you've been following my earlier advice, you'll quickly grasp two essential lessons:

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The issue? We often get taught the wrong aspects of business, in the wrong sequence!

While various courses focus on rules and regulations, they fall short of helping individuals attract the right audience. Most sales training programs emphasize staffing but overlook effective marketing.

While getting your name out there identifies you as a business, it doesn't necessarily prompt audience responses. Professional ads enhance the image but may fall short of generating engagement. Cold marketing is taught, but often leads to repeated failures.

Is it any surprise that 75% of new businesses and salespeople fail within five years? Or, that over 95% of small business owners and salespeople make less than $75k a year, with less than 1% exceeding $125k a year?

Most business owners excel as technicians but struggle to attract an audience.

Why? Because they lack real-world training in marketing, psychology, and advertising needed to prompt responses and drive business.

There's a prevailing myth that once your name is out there, people will seek you out.

What a misconception! While name recognition helps, it takes time and significant investment.

In the previous article, Marketing Mistake #9: Afraid of Change, we discussed how name recognition can eventually bring in business but at a high cost in time and money—your hard-earned money.

If you want image marketing as your primary business attractor, be prepared to spend thousands each year.

Yes, it works that way. To gain name recognition, you must invest heavily in marketing and personal promotion—big money. Then, you wait for responses. And wait. And wait.

Meanwhile, how do you pay your bills? If you don't have a thick bankroll and endless time, every marketing or advertising dollar spent should yield immediate returns with added profit.

Otherwise, it's a waste. So, unless you have abundant resources, you need to learn how to generate immediate responses and customers! Immediate, in marketing terms, means within a month or two, not the next day.

You can get responses the next day, but a follow-up system takes time. People need time to think, even when interested. The key is to generate responses promptly, dramatically improving business and, hopefully, making your life easier. Having new customers roll in consistently will transform your business.

Should you spend on an image or personal promotion? It's your call.

Some clients abandon image ads for direct response ads, receiving a dependable stream of responses without the hassle. It's time to move on to the next secret—what your audience is thinking!

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